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When you care for another person like your own flesh and blood. When they become part of your ‘family.’ That’s how I see it.

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I’m all for it! Probably not what you’re asking though, huh?

It’s a wonderful gift, can happen more than once in a lifetime, and should be savored whenever it does.

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I love it.

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Never believed in it until I found my soulmate. I can now say that ‘true love’ is something you can’t take for granted. It’s a powerful connection between 2 people, and no matter what happens, it will always be there and ultimately intensify. So that feeling inside, of completeness and utter joy, knowing that you’re safe and can rely on that person, is what true love is fundamentally about. It’s the beschest!!

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I believe in true love, but that belief makes me rather gullible. Sometimes I wish I didn’t but then I think I would rather be idealistic and naive than skeptical and jaded. So, I go through life seeing love in anything and being wrong half the time. More than half the time.

I see the best in people, even when it isn’t there. I spend a lot of time trying to discern people’s motives, only to come to the (wrong) conclusion that they feel the same way I do, all the time. But one of these times, I’m going to be right, and then I will have found true love. So it is worth it.

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For me, true love is 20 years of ups and downs and loving my partner more at this moment than the day I first met him.

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It’s the best :-) I love my husband this .—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————> much x a zillion. He’s the best. Couldn’t hope for a better match for me and he is my best friend to boot. It just doesn’t get any better. Hope you find it too (if you haven’t already) @Schroedes13.

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In regards to romantic relationships, I believe true love equals true compatibility – in all it’s shapes and forms.

You know it when it happens.

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There’s no such thing, not in a singular sense anyway. The love I feel for my kids is completely different from the love I have for the wife. In turn, another form of love I feel for my siblings/mother & extended family. So you see for me, “love is all around me, it’s everywhere I go…...” ;¬}

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@Bellatrix Ya I wasn’t really a believer until this past May when I met my soulmate! It’s wonderful!

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@ucme I meant true love for your life partner in this case!

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@Schroedes13 Maybe it wasn’t such a simple question after all then ;¬}
In that case I shall say that true love is believing implicitly that you’ve found a constant in your life. One that, through thick & thin will hopefully remain so indefinitely.

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@ucme sorry….sometimes questions turn out to be quite more profound that what you thought them to be…

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@Schroedes13 Indeed, but it was you who stated in your details that this was a “very simple question” was it not?

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I have those days when I say I don’t believe in love. I guess after the last guy, I’ve become kind of bitter about the hole idea.
But lately… It’s another story. I keep on thinking “It could be for real this time…” I know it’s far to soon to call it love, but I wanted to… He may, very well, be the best person I’ve ever met… Time will tell. :D

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@ucme Twas me….I am truly humbled!

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Enjoy that big ol slice of pie ;¬}

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I’m still waiting with an open mind

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I would settle for a passable imitation.

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True love is very rare, most people settle for an imitation and pretend and there is nothing wrong with that.

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See, I don’t believe in settling for mediocrity! However, that is just my opinion.

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Not sure if it exists. But I think people use the phrase too often out of a misconception that it’ll be easy to find.

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True love is great! That’s my opinion.

@flutherother I think it’s fair to make the best of what you have. There isn’t anything wrong with love that’s not flat out fabulous, it’s way better than no love. The pursuit of greater love may be what makes it ‘true’. You may have a truer love than you are allowing if your intentions are in the right places.

I’ll offer the opinion that true love often isn’t perfect / conflict-free / comfortable. Growing together with your significant other can involve some tectonic shifts in both parties along the way. Beyond which you find yourself with a capacity for harmony that wasn’t possible before.

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It’s rare, but it does exist, and it’s the most intense, consuming, overwhelming thing you will ever experience… if you’re one of the lucky ones. : ))

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True love is doing unto others as you would like them to do unto you…...

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True love is the willingness to give your life for the safety of another.

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It’s really great until the wheels come off the bus or the bus runs out of gas!

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My opinion is one should consider themselves blessed if they found it. Not everyone gets to find it.
Luckily I found mine.

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God’s love is true love!

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Like everything else, it’s an illusion.

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True love is a wonderful gift that comes with a lot of responsibility. I know true love exists because I have found it. But I’ll tell you what, just because one finds one’s soulmate doesn’t mean it is easy. It might even be harder than phoning it in because the stakes are higher and giving up is not an option.

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If I’m living an illusion, let me die before I snap out of it!

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I’ve got it and I highly recommend it.

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Rare, but beautiful.

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No one can hate true love.
Sometimes it can be fake. Like when you were younger and every boy/girl you liked was considered your true love even though you probaly barley ever or never have talked to him/her.
Or it can be real. Like when you found the perfect guy/girl and you want to spend every second of every day with them until the proposal, following a wedding, and maybe a baby.
Loving someone like family is true love.

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That it’s extremely rare, and that the people who have it in their lives are extremely lucky.
I have yet to see it though.

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It’s not that common, but it is the most adorable thing on this Earth.

It’s just one of those things in life that I want…badly.

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One where you feel you’re being loved the way you want and your partner does too. One where you don’t doubt the respect you hold for each other, where you feel you’re your partner’s #1.

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True love is what made and still makes us. We are nothing without it.
My brother once met this man who didn’t TRULY love his wife until after they were married for twenty three years. I suppose this is the case in many, almost all, relationships today. Many people never experience true love, I mean, they never TRULY love somebody. God’s love is true love and, just like following Him, it is very hard to experience.
God loves us no matter what, and I mean no matter what.
If you listen to Tenth Avenue North’s song “Times”, it explains a bit about what God really means when He says He loves us.

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That it exists in all of us….waiting to be awakened by surprise.

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I believe in love at first sight..

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