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Boring question #75: What should the subject of Boring question #76 be?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26798points) July 11th, 2011

Should boring question #76 be about:
• Pepsi vs. Coke
• Toupee vs. comb over
• Hotdogs vs. Hamburgers
• Rollerblades vs. skateboards
• Halloween vs. Valentine’s day

Which would you think? Keep in mind it cannot make anyone think too hard or rub anyone the wrong way. Oh, bald men might take offence so leave out toupee vs. comb over, and best skip hotdogs vs. hamburgers, vegans you know. out of what is left what do you feel like answering?

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Dutch Oven your SO or not?

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Halloween vs. Valentines day is the only one I would have even the slightest interest in debating over. But obviously, Halloween would win, so there is really no point.

What about Cats vs. Dogs, or Air Fresheners vs Open windows, or Laptops vs. Desktops, or Mac vs. PC or Photos vs. Paintings?

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It can’t been Halloween vs Valentine’s Day. @athenasgriffin is right, Halloween would easily win by a landslide. You’d have to do like Halloween vs Christmas or something equally fun.

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Don’t do Coke vs Pepsi, either. I asked a question about Coke a few months back that covered this ;)

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Biscuits in your tea, to dunk or not to dunk?

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Are tears as salty as the sea?

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Canadian or American could be fun!

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@ANef_is_Enuf But Valentine’s day is my birthday!
But I think a good one would be Halloween vs. April Fools’.

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Basic— Left or right? Or maybe . . . . . . . . . . up or down?

rebbel's avatar

If the grass on the other side of the hill has a blueish glow, are you then fucked?

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Question 76 should ask people to look back and reflect on question 75

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Plain or vanilla yogurt. ;)

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“What are your thoughts on this being the last boring question, ever?”

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boxer, briefs or comando

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Almond Joy or Mounds?

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“Would you rather be happy or content?”

That question would actually piss me off.

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Boringness. And it’s solutions.

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any question about boredom is boring to me. zzzzzz

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The pro’s & con’s of being a patronising bastard?

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“what’s your favorite colour” is a pretty boring question.

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What’s your favorite coming-of-age film?

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@bob_ That is impossible, someone will always come up with a boring question you just won’t be told its boring; like what do I wear to a Justin Bieber concert, does he/she love/like me, my soda keeps loosing its fizz by lunch time, what do I do? And so forth, and so forth. I don’t want you to be fed a boring question without you having knowledge of it. Like Mickey Ds telling you how any calories are in the Big Mack.

@ucme I guess I would 1st have to ask to get a working definition of a patronizing bastard, then pro and con from there.

@cockswain The question cannot piss anyone off and has to be completely benign and feckless.

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What’s your favorite scary movie?

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@Hypocrisy_Central But the boring questions also piss me off. Nothing can be done about that. Good luck coming up with a boring question that no one hates.

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Does he like me?

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What was the latest brilliant or dumb idea you have while in the bathroom?

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Am I pregnant? What will my grandchildren think?

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@Dutchess_III Are those actual questions?

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LOL! You foo, @bob_!

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Why does Symbeline rule so much?

Also, Halloween owns. Never question it.

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What’s your favorite Molly Shannon skit?

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Skoal or Grizzly?

erichw1504's avatar

What pants would look good on me?

Dutchess_III's avatar

The tight red leather ones @erichw1504

erichw1504's avatar

Thanks @Dutchess_III. I knew I could count on you.

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@iamawinner and Mountain Dew trumps both.

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Donald Trumps head

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