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How do I make invoices for freelance work?

Asked by PoppArtist (36points) July 11th, 2011

I need to create an invoice for some freelance work that I did. Usually people just write me a check, but this work was for an organization rather than an individual, so they need a bill. Are there any good templates for this? I do freelance editing and secretarial work.

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What application are you using to generate them. There are many invoice templates in Word.
you can download them and customize them.
If you need a copy of one, I can provide what I have used in the past.
Good rule of thumb is to document any work you do and along with the invoice for payment in a timely fashion so you can cover your butt and keep track of it.

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You want to use the header Invoice.
Then you want to create an invoice number. I use the date 11-the client initials- and the number of invoice it is, like 001.
Your business name.
Your Federal tax ID (which if you don’t have one is your social security number)
And then when it is due (I use Due Upon Receipt)

Next what the services were, the hourly rate, and the total due.

Finally, the name and address of where you want it sent (Remit to:)

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Microsoft Access is a great product for creating invoices, it also will allow you to add reporting information for the company you are billing into your database.

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