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Can I make my computer play Minecraft better?

Asked by jellyfish3232 (1849points) July 11th, 2011

So, I have a desktop running Windows 7. When I try to play minecraft, it will give me a few minutes of laggy play, and then freeze. I need to open up the task manager and restart the whole application before I can do anything else in it, which may not ruin my save file, but is really annoying. I believe I have it on the lowest quality settings in the minecraft video settings menu, which helps, but does not stop the lag and freezing. After I shut it down, it will say “Java SE Binary is not reponding”, and then go back to normal. Will I need to purchase a better video card to be able to play better? If I do, can you reccomend a fairly nonexpensive one and inclue instructions on installing it?

It seems like most of the questions I ask are about fixing my computers. My parents really need to drop some money on a good computer.

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Have you tried updating to the latest stable version of Java?
Try that before doing anything drastic.

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Wait, wait… I changed it to Max FPS. I knew that the more frames per second, the better, but I thought it would make it lag more. It got rid of the lag. Thank goodness, I really didn’t want to buy a new video card.

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Another thing is the “F” key changes the fog distance, forcing a rerender of the world which makes it run better albeit temporarily. I usually just hit that if the game starts to lag and it fixes itself.

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Oh neat, thanks.

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Yes you might need a new graphics card. I would recommend the Nvidia GeForce GTX 570. It costs about $350.00 which is a little high for a great quality card, but you could also try going to your desktop properties, then settings, and then lower the color bit rate. I know that takes up a lot of memory. I sometimes do that when I play Minecraft.

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@stupidcomedycenter Be really careful with the upper 500 series on low end prebuilts. The 570 is quite heavy on the PSU, which is usually skimped on in prebuilt computers.

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