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What is the best lilac fragrance?

Asked by missafantastico (685points) July 11th, 2011

I’d like to get lilac scented products as a gift for someone. However, I don’t know what application is appropriate. Body lotion, perfume, soap?

It’s important that the smell is pure and true to the delicate flower. (By this I mean not a blended fragrance- just straight up lilac) And if at all possible it would be great if it were a long lasting fragrance for someone who works 9 hours at a time and likes smelling good throughout the day.

very important: I’m talking about lilacs, NOT lavender.

I’ve been to two bath/fragrance stores where I’ve called ahead to confirm that they have lilac scented products and upon arrival the sales clerk has only lavender items. Upsetting.

Any brands, stores, advice would be much appreciated.

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The fragrance of lilacs is almost impossible to extract naturally from the blooms. There are one-key synthesized lilac essential oils, but to me they smell nasty.

Google “essential oils” and burrow down to lilac.

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Perfume is always going to be a “purer” scent than lotion or soap, but it’s also going to be a mixed fragrance. And the quality of the scent depends more on the maker than on the product.

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I guess I lied in my question… turns out I don’t want advice, just specific lilac scented brands or products that folks would recommend.

As long as it’s a delicous lilac fragrance I’m into it. Be it soap, lotion, or perfume.

Many thanks.

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Years ago, I found a great smelling lilac essential oil at The Body Shop. They also integrated it into lotion and perfume. I am not sure if they still market this, but it is worth a try! It smelled just like my mom’s lilac bushes in our front yard!

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