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My sense of humor and also my compassion for others is what I’ve been told.

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Breasts and sarcasm, usually.

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Yeah, sarcasm and not finishing my sentences. Leaves em guessing…

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Delirium you had me at breasts!

As for me I have no idea although it has been sugested I have a nice smile.

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My sense of humor, the fact I listen and am genuinely interested in them. I really do care.

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I have no idea. Probably my height.

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My strange sense of humor and sarcasm.

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Who knows, the fact that my eyes are far enough apart..?

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I have been noticing sarcasm up there a lot. My twin brother was unbelievably sarcastic and was the more popular of the two of us. What is funny is I was the one people would talk to when they couldn’t take it any more.

I find sarcasm hilarious, whether I am the joke or not. All I ask is that it be a good joke.

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I’m relatively non-threatening and don’t smell too bad.

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@ wildflower – of course, your wildflower

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haha…..yes and not a nettle :)

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the fact that ”i look like I am always thinking

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alcohol, usually

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My Bubbly, Happy, Positive personality!

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My eyes and my smile.

My package draws some looks, too. Not that it’s any bigger than normal; it just looks big the way it sits.

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I read. I have big eyes.

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she’s got legs… she knows how to use them…

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My irreverence and ability to listen

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I have really good taste in music. :-)

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mcbealer, what is that? legs, etc.

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@ susanc ~ they’re lyrics for the song Legs recorded in the 80s by a band called ZZ Top.

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Oh the 80’s. Oh ZZTop. I’ve heard of thems. Didn’t know that song.
Heythanks. Enjoyed the vid.

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my height, smile, jokes, friendliness, good at flirting, compliments to others

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umm for me maybe because im asian, im very easy to get along woth because i can talk to people about ANY topic and it wont mean a thing to me…i wont get nervous or wont want to talk about very open to any topics..i have a silly sense of humor and im clueless alot..usually makes guys wonder..and my ability of helping others which sometimes i tend to make the person im helping fall for me sometimes

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My eyes. They say, “I’m listening.”

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The “PUSH MY LIMITS, TEST MY PATIENCE” sticker on my forehead.

Men seem to notice it right off the bat. lol

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@spendywatson: ha! I hope I run into you at a bar some day!

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my hotness lmao my humor and hotness lmao

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my wonderful personality…and sarcastic wit. lol Ppl sometimes are afraid of me…could it be the horror tattoos? But once they get past looks, I’m a super friendly type that will talk to anyone.

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Once I dance the forbidden dance. The women have no choice but to prostrate before me and except me as their Lord of Love.

So uh yea…my uh ..exotic dance moves..

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omg…let’s see those sundaybastard…..utube it.

I’m sure the fluther ladies would all love some visual excitement…

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Oh! But then, in a fit of jealousy the fluther men would have me arrested, shipped off and imprisoned like the Count of Monte Cristo.

It has happened before. You know?

O my lady, how I would love to to shake these Sunday legs again.

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Maybe it is best left to one’s imagination!

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natural born leader, fearless, funny

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I’ve been trying to figure that one out FOR myself.
I’ve been told by others: my sweetness, how genuine I come off as, my sense of humor, my maturity (especially for my age), how I seem like a “bad ass at the right times,” how I’m not ashamed of or change who I am for different people…as far as personality goes.
Physically I’ve been told: eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, hair, ass, smile, nose, boobs, legs, cheeks? Haha. Bsclly I think people lie.

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My smile, humor and fasinating back ground.

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