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What's a perfect "Who Gives a sh**" moment?

Asked by shniernan (981points) July 11th, 2011

Not to offend anyone with the nature of the question, but I REALLY need to know a good example of situation where two teenagers are talking and one says something that could only cause the obvious reaction of the other saying “Who gives a sh**?”

It’s for a theme-type thing I need. Hard to explain.

Please Fluther, just brainstorm some ideas on what situation would make YOU say that. Thanks so much.

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One thing that would make me exclaim “who gives a shit?” is probably when someone is states some useless information about another person, or they are babbling about their life and how important they are.

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Braggarts will make me say that.

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“One uppers”.

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(random celebrity) is now dating (random celebrity)

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One teenager predicting the inevitable collapse of society/end of the world/results of a reality show to a terminally ill teenager. I guess that would be more of a ”I couldn’t give less of a s**t” moment though.

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Cyn: Did you?
Rob: Did I what?
Cyn: Did you take the trash out?
Rob: I’m working right now. Leave me alone.
Cyn: Dad said you had to take out the trash, remember? If you didn’t take out the trash then none of us would be able to go to Big Burger for a shake.
Rob: Get out of my room! I have to finish this stupid paper for English tomorrow…or I’m going to fail my class, okay?
Cyn: You have to take out the trash. You promised! It’s your turn. I have taken it out three times already because you were always too busy and I won’t do it again. I won’t, won’t won’t!
Rob: The world isn’t going to end if I don’t take out the trash till later. I need to concentrate on my paper….get out!
Cyn: I am going to tell dad that you won’t take out the trash. And he is going to be really mad and when I tell Dan and Molly that they can’t have shakes because their big brother won’t take out the trash…they are going to be really mad at you, too!
Rob: Who gives a *****! My graduation, my future life my getting out of this stinking town and as far away from you is based on whether I can write this and convince the teacher that I know something about iambic pentameter in Shakespeare’s plays even though I slept through most of her classes, okay?! I have ten measly hours to write a paper with full footnotes. I have to look up what a footnote is. I don’t know what iambic shlambic pentameter is. I know nothing about Shakespeare except that he was some guy who wrote plays a long, long, time ago! And he wore tights and had a pointy beard. But I tell you what…I’m sure he didn’t have some 15 year old know-it-all sister nagging him all the time to take out the trash so she could go…Ye Olde Medieval Big Burger for a stupid shake! Get out, NOW!
Cyn: Technically, it would have been the “Elizabethan Big Burger.” But let’s not get complicated. You see, dear brother of mine, I’ve read almost all of Shakespeare’s plays. I happen to enjoy Shakespeare. I even know what iambic pentameter is.
Rob: Oh….yeah?
Cyn: Yeah.
Rob: Well, enlighten me, sister dear.
Cyn: Take the trash out first and we’ll talk.

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Just saw news on tv that Posh Spice and David Beckham named their new baby Seven since the child was suppose to be born at 7 lbs. or the seventh child or it’s Beckham’s number playing for Manchester United. Well…

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@mazingerz88…...Who gives a…....oh wait! That’s it! Perfect! :) lol

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Thanks y’all. Mission completed within 50 minutes. I love this site. Feel free to rant on if you want though!

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And by the way….....Seven?

Whatever happened to Abigail or Moon Unit?

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Audio-Science is my favorite celebrity baby name.

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Pilot Inspektor is bad ass.

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Youth is not an exclusive requisite to being rude.

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The fifth annual meeting of the constipated choir of chicago, led by your friend & mine, Diarrhea Dave!

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featured artist “Runs” Ronson.

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When people try to discuss the lives of famous people and people on TV. I think to myself “Who gives a shit?”.

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I read many an answer here and they always are from a few specific people that my immediate thought is “Who Gives a sh**”

Here are some examples:

on second thought, nevermind, “who gives a sh*$%#”

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The Republicans are wrong, the Tea Party is very wrong, and the Democrats are being cowards or dupes.

I wish I could say that I don’t give a shit. Unfortunately, I can’t. I still love my country and have children and grand children who will have to live in a world controlled by international corporations instead of democratically elected governments. Not only do I care, I am mad and am looking for ways to wake up the country before all is lost. Demonstrations don’t work, strikes are impossible, and the news media is tightly controlled. Conditions, today, are much like Europe when the Nazis took over and WW2 was starting. If the banks that control the Euro keep punishing Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal, I expect war to start over there and expand to the U.S. Unfortunately, there is no unified enemy. The enemy is spread out in ultra-conservative banks and corporations which hide behind the governments where they are established. How can you have a war against the agencies that control your wallet, especially that the weapons suppliers are part of the same enemy?

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