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Help! I'm moving to Denver, any advice on relocation?

Asked by gambitking (4201points) July 11th, 2011

Okay, so I have to move to Denver by the end of October 2011.

My wife and I, along with our cat, will need to move from East Texas to Denver, CO and get new jobs, a place to stay, the whole nine yards.

Fortunately we have a bit of family support for the move, including a good portion of the finances. What I need help with is the actual relocation.

My primary concern is getting into a residence, not only from 1000 miles away, but also without having a job.

Does anyone have any advice on the logistics of such a move and setting down roots (new home, new job, getting settled in) from East Texas three months before moving?

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There are roughly 100 people looking for every 1 job opening, so I suggest you go alone, first, and start your job hunt immediately.

Put your furniture in storage in Denver, and rent a small furnished apartment while you look for a house. Don’t take any furniture or belongings that you could replace cheaper than shipping and storage – that is nearly everything you own!

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Thanks Yarnlady…...

Let me note that it is an option that I can go up ahead of time, stay with a friend and look for a place to stay in person.

My occupation actually falls in a pretty narrow niche (webmaster, SEO, web marketing) so if I don’t find something in Denver along those lines, I’m totally not above delivering pizzas for a few weeks until I find gainful employment.

I need to know how I can get a place to live without having a job (which is a requirement at most places) ( i need an apartment/duplex/cottage – not a house unless it’s a for rent by owner and under $800 for a 2BR)

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I live in Denver. By odd coincidence my wife works in SEO (sorry, no job openings at her company). I can’t help you with a job search, nor advise you on how to obtain an apartment without a job. But if you have enough saved to pay like 3–6 months in advance, I’d imagine you can find a place without excessive difficulty.

I can help you find a cool neighborhood to live in so you are at least living in a fun area. Let me know.

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Another suggestion is to rent a P O Box and give that as your address. I believe some services offer Box rentals with (Name, Number, Suite number, City) where the suite number is a box.

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What we have done with great success is take about a three-day house hunting trip in advance of the move.

Then you have rented or bought a place in advance. It makes planning much easier.

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Are you renting where you live? If it is one of the larger apartment companies, maybe you can use your good standing where you live now to move to oneof their properties in Denver? Also, some places might not worry about if you have a job if you can pay a lot up front. Or, maybe you can get a month to month lease?

Furnished apartments are most likely very expensive, so staying with a friend is a better option if you go up ahead, but probably after a month you will be pushing it staying with a friend, depending on the set up at their place.

When I moved to FL I stayed with a friend for a couple of weeks, then a relative for about 5 weeks. But, I did not look for a job until a month after I got there.

The people I know who live or have lived in Denver love it. Good luck with the move.

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@Jleslie – I do rent where I live now, it’s a private property, month to month lease on a duplex, so I might have a good reference from my landlord, but its not viable for your suggestion, but thanks for the idea.

@cockswain – cool ! glad to meet a future neighbor, i’ll PM you and pick your brain later.

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I live out here in Denver too. But you mentioned that you have the option to head up here before the actual move. I would do that, that way you get the feel of what you are looking for and can start getting your resume out.

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@shego , yeah I’m afraid that’s what I’ll have to do , but hopefully I’ll have interviews or even an offer lined up by the time I get there… what’s the job market like? I’m in web marketing if that helps.

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@gambitking I’m not sure how the market is for your profession. But I know for the general public, it’s tough, very tough. I would defienetly research some firms out here. Though personally, I don’t know of any. But Colorado has a diverse workforce. But I will suggest that while you are out here taking care of finding a place to live that you go to the workforce services. They will be able to direct you better than I can.

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I think I remember Denver being below the national average for unemployment. Just to be a little positive about things.

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