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Why can't I access (the site, not the coupon printer) from my PC?

Asked by stemnyjones (3974points) July 11th, 2011

My mother has recently started “extreme couponing”. She can access without a problem on her laptop, but when I try to pull it up from my desktop, my browser acts as if it is finished pulling it up (loading stops, website’s logo icon appears next to the name on the tab, etc), but the screen for that tab is completely blank.

Both computers are Dell PCs, both using Firefox as the browser, and both running off of the same internet connection. I have no problems accessing any other web sites.

Keep in mind, I am not complaining of not being able to load the coupon printing software; just the website itself.

If it helps at all, the URL automatically changes to this one each time I try to go directly to

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Is your computer set to “popups okay”?

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Yes – there is a bar that appears underneath the URL when the browser attempts to open a webpage with a pop-up asking if I’d like to open it or not.

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I am having this exact same problem. I am on a Mac upgraded to Leopard recently. I’ve been able to see until this week. It’s just a blank screen. so weird!

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@jamieleigh26 Let me know if you figure something out about it!

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