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How would you deal with a room full of dead people?

Asked by mazingerz88 (22130points) July 11th, 2011

This happened to my college buddy many years ago. He took his girlfriend who was a medical student in the almost deserted hospital where she was supposed to do some late night school related task.

I forgot the exact details but what I could recall clearly is my friend telling me after he dropped her off one of the top floors, he took the elevator down by himself. He overshoots by mistake and when the elevator door opened, he saw rows upon rows of white blanket covered dead bodies in dim light. To make matters worse, the elevator got stuck. For 30 full minutes.

What would you do if that was you?

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Take the stairs.

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What @nikipedia said… Haha.

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Get my Marvin Gaye groove on.

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Find a free bed, cover my self, and scare the ever lasting shit out of the next person who comes in.

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well I’m a kin student….so I’d prolly start looking under the sheets to see if they were just cadavers or if they already had autopsies done to them or not.

Then I’d prolly get the living shit scared out of my by poisonedantidote!

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Join one of the rows after having had a cardiac arrest on the spot!

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Nothing, that kind of thing doesn’t freak me out. I’d probably go look at all of them in detail.

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Yes this is very much like being a warm up act at Mickey Rooney’s birthday bash.
Give em a few minutes & they’ll soon be rolling on the floor.

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I’d stick around to inspect the surrounding ^^

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I’ll just sing a song and wait for them to fix the elevator. I’ve been around dead bodies before and they don’t really bother me.

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That reminds of that scene in My Girl when she gets stuck in her dad’s basement lol.

I study dead people, I wouldn’t be bothered, unless they were just found and had civilizations of maggots chillin out in them. In my experience though, dead bodies are usually harder to have random access to. She should probably have warned him…yeah man, careful not to go in the basement. XD

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I’ve seen something like this before.

I kept my composure, looked around, and went along my way like nothing happened.

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I’d be OK. I mean, they’re dead. I’ve sen enough dead people by now to not be freaked out by cadavers. Although, entering a room full of dead people who’d been obviously violently killed would be a different story. Something like that would upset me deeply.

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The room could be empty of corpses and it would probably freak me out a bit. I don’t like being in secluded places. I would wonder if the elevator breaking down was intentional and if maybe someone alive was hiding in under the sheets. I would call somone on my cell and talk to them as I hurried down the stairs and was able to be surrounded by people.

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