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Freedom ‘if the war is trully for freedom’

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depends what’s important to the one going to war, I guess!

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I’ll rephrase,
What’s important enough for you to go to war over?

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No more shackles. No more chains. No more bondage. I am free, yeah! :D

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Stopping genocide. If the US can just implement a policy of “using the military to stop genocides” I’d be really happy. I’d be “partying in the streets drunk off my ass” happy.

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My general rule of thumb is that there are no things important enough to go to war over, other than stopping a war someone else has started.

I cannot readily think of a scenario in which a war yields a better result than alternatives like diplomacy and trade.

But of course, some day somewhere, somehow, some regime will be committing such atrocities that a war could be a better alternative, rendering my rule of thumb useless. Before entering though, you had better make sure that you can win this war without creating more misery than you come to end.

War,after all, creates so much misery that I would rather err on the side of caution.

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Nothing. The cost outweighs any benefits in my opinion.

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Freedom and the right to affordable QUALITY health care. Let’s not fuck this up!

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If somebody’s attacking me, I’m not going to just take it, I’m going to fight back.

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@aprilsimnel . . . daddy always said, “i’ll whip your ass for startin’ a fight and for not finishin’ one.”

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Self freedom and freedom for others who are oppressed.

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@Blondesjon – Amen, brudder!

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Not many things. It’s certainly nothing we should ever enter into lightly. I do not agree with premptive wars ( wars which we start because someone else MIGHT be getting ready to attack us ). One of the few circumstances in which I feel war to be justified is an unprovoked attack on either the people or the property of the US. Perhaps in defense of an ally would be justified, but they response should be very measured.

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Anyone touches my dials on my music system, both at home & in the car & there’s going to be bloody hell to pay!
I gots dem just de way I wan em, now back off!

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There was great clarity with WWII. Hitler, Mussolini, and the Japanese emperor wanted to take over & rule the world, with mass genocide as part of the plan. I’d risk my ass to help defeat that.

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A living planet.

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Going to war doesn’t need a motive .
It’s that simple .

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oil, its what Western civilisation runs on without it we are all down the proverbial toilet pan.
Like it or not those SUV’s don’t run on water

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Apparently the debt ceiling..

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Self-defense. Ending oppression and/or genocide. Fighting aliens, zombies, mutants, robots, Godzilla, or Space Nazis.

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My rights as a citizen and a human being.

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Nothing is worth fighting over, not if it means losing innocent lives.

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@AshlynM what about if others who can’t defend themselves are losing their lives for no reason other than their religion, race, or beliefs?

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I’d go to war to defend the country I reside in, if it was being attacked. Nothing else.

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Anything and everything, blood for the blood god, skulls for the skull throne!

ahem… pardon the nerd in me popping out.

I used to be of the mind set that the main thing that was worth going to war over is the violation of civil rights. Also I would say an attack on a country’s soil. Now I don’t care anymore.

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@King_Pariah Anything and everything, blood for the blood god, skulls for the skull throne!

That was awesome.

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Nothing is worth going to war over, but unfortunately, sometimes war is necessary.

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@likipie So… when is it necessary?

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@MilkyWay If your country and the citizen’s lives are being seriously threatened. That’s really the only reason we should be fighting/killing other people in war. If you put enough effort into it, you could find a reason to go to war over anything and it’s ridiculous. There is only one legitimate thing to go to such lengths to defend and that’s the lives of human beings. Like I said, war is never acceptable in my book. But sometimes it is, in fact, necessary.

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