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What is the fastest way to finish a jigsaw puzzle?

Asked by mazingerz88 (22334points) July 12th, 2011

A friend gifted me with supposedly the world’s smallest jigsaw puzzle and it has 1000 pieces. I’ve never bought a puzzle in my life and I was still a kid when I finished one or two. Are there special techniques on doing it quickly, other than the sitting there and for hours do piece by piece shifting, turning, see if it fits there or not approach? Thanks.

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Sort the pieces, first isolating the border/edge pieces. Getting the framework in place makes faster work of the rest. Then, start looking for big patches of color—you can do some more sorting if you like.

As you start to build out big sections of it, you’ll then begin to focus on the shape of the pieces. I actually have names for some (“the little people” look like arms/legs/a head—“four leaf clover,” etc.) I have spent many mindless, happy hours working on jigsaw puzzles—I find them a great way to relax.

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Ooh, that is a lot of pieces. I love puzzles. First gather all the pieces with a straight edge and put together the outer sides and corners. Then group pieces by color pattern. Keep the box top handy so you can chexk what the puzzle looks like finished. You won’t be able to do it in one sitting. I would plan on doing it for 3 days. Also, you may want to have some do it with you for part of the time to help.

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Yeah, I touched on this in a previous thread, So i’m going to go down @lucillelucillelucille‘s route & use a blow torch. Me & jigsaws don’t get along see.

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Thanks everyone for the great posts…and funny ones too! : )

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The last puzzle I tried to solve, landed in the floor, in the dust pan and into the trash can.

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My wife and I love doing puzzles. We’ve completed over twenty 1,000+ piece puzzles and have them up all over our spare bedroom walls.

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@erichw1504 Get a wife. Check.

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@mazingerz88Here is an inspirational song for you!

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Cut off the sides of the top of the box and voila!

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Or you could just mail it to @erichw1504.

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With patience :)

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@Hibernate Or I could put the box in hibernation? : )

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That will work too though remember that hibernation is not a long term solution , eventually you need to finish it ^^

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