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Do you think Michele Bachmann made a huge mistake signing that stupid pledge?

Asked by JLeslie (58943points) July 12th, 2011

Here is an article regarding it. Against gay marriage, porn, and sharia law (the sharia law bullshit is really annoying me. A new thing the right wing has brought into the limelight as supposedly a way to prove someone is more American? Or, what? During the GOP debate they brought up this issue of Muslims not being trusted. I hope the Democrats dismiss this type of talk as a waste of time, of course Americans are not going to entertain any ideas of Sharia law). She also went on to say something along the lines of black children were more likely to grow up in a two parent home during slavery than today. Here is a link for that.

So, does her base love it? Has she hurt her chances, or is everything still the same? Elisabeth Hassleback said on The View Michele Bachmann probably blew it with this.

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Yes she did. I also think that her birth was a mistake as well.

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I think it is entirely consistent with her views and her supporters. But I completely disagree with everything in pledge.

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Michelle Bachmann and Elisabeth Hasselbeck mentioned in the same post. Nasty. Lol.

Michelle’s signing would be a mistake for moderate independent voters but not with her followers of course. If you’ve been a follower all along, she could do nothing wrong at this point, imo.

Yesterday on Fox, she said everyone should know she has titanium spine. Titanium spine. I have titanium spine. ( Nice isn’t it? )

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I’ll tell you who made a huge mistake – her pro-life mother.
Okay, that was low..on to my serious answer…
No, it’s not a huge mistake, she stood no chance anyway. What a dumb person.

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I never regarded her as a serious national candidate, so there’s no real consequence for this other than feeding the news cycle.

Now I’m wondering if people like Palin and Bachmann are sort of built to fail so that the Tea Party won’t get anywhere.

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She is a huge mistake. Bread and circuses and pandering to the fringe.

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@obvek What do you mean built to fail?

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@obvek . . . the more important question is, well, you know, which one?

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@JLeslie, I mean they are a distraction machine to ensure that the Tea Party’s agenda doesn’t slow down the wheels of corporatocracy. This aside from the long history of the duopoly snuffing third parties, in general.

@Blondesjon, I’ve never regarded Bachmann as a serious candidate. Haha!

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A mistake? I don’t think she thinks so. I am glad she did, because it shows her for just what she is. A right wing, batshit crazy woman.

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@obvek . . . dick! win.

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What @marinelife said…But she’s full of mistakes.

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Michelle Bachmann is being used as a distraction for Mitt Romney to skate on by on unnoticed. Notice how there is very little attention being paid to him right now. No one is discussing his policy of buying up businesses and shipping them over seas or Bain Capital’s ownership of ClearChannel Communications.
The way our corporate media operates can not be any more clear to me at this point. Most Americans lack the ability to think for themselves and let the tv do the thinking for them. As the election gets closer, crazier things will come out about her and all Republicans will be left with, is Mitt, whose companies ownership of the media and the backing of billionaires and SuperPACs will give him a great shot of winning the Presidency.

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Depends on what you mean by mistake.

I fully disagree with every line in the pledge.

That being said, it might be good strategy. It solidifies her support with her core base. Personally, I think it was a strategic mistake because she isn’t going to lose that support but it hurts her with the moderates in her party, but I could be very wrong.

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I think the net effect will be minimal. She’s pandering to the far right, the more moderate right is probably iffy about her as it is, and liberals are already galvanized against the dingbat.

The only chance she has at a higher office is if the liberals and independents get lazy and don’t bother to vote thinking the rest of the country isn’t stupid enough to elect her.

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I can tell you that I frequent a few websites that would be considered very “right” by Fluther standards (mostly populated by libertarians with a bunch of old-school Republicans, and a few neoconservatives thrown in) and most of them are quite displeased. This sort of shenanigan is not a good strategy to win anyone’s votes except for the “herp derp I don’t like them pornos and gay murrrige” crowd.

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I think it’s the best thing she could’ve done. Now there’s going to be even less of a chance that that fucktard wins any election.

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Yep, but she didn’t have a chance anyway, and/or she’s a distraction and something for the news to report.

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People who support Bachmann will not be turned off by that pledge.

If you haven’t read the document, here’s a summary of their “Marriage Vow”.

“African-American…African-American…African-American President…black out-of-wedlock births…African-American babies…prison…taxpayer-borne costs…promiscuity…welfare…slavery…promiscuity”

They seem to be hinting at something, I can’t quite figure it out…

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I long for those exceptionally rare moments when Michelle Bachmann does not make a mistake. She’s bat-sh*t crazy.

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Haha… now she is claiming not to have read the part about slavery before signing the pledge. Or that she didn’t sign that part if it or something. Link

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@obvek Wow… just, wow..

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If she wanted to win the presidency it was a huge mistake to show her true colors at this point in the campaign.

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Well, she could change the topic by getting a sidekick maybe. You know, Bachmann and Robin? And then make a public appearance wearing a mask, cape and tights. POW! CRACK! BOOM!

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@SuperMouse She needs to win the primary first, and this is necessary to do that.
She can soften later, like they all do.
Bachmann isn’t an idiot to the point of Palin, but she is close.

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ps. can anyone tell me how in the Candidates vow, article 9 (talking about protecting children from a whole bunch of “immoral” things, such as pornography) and article 14 (the fierce defense of the First Amendment and the Freedom of Speech) makes sense in any way? You can’t sensor pornography and first for Freedom of Speech…..unless… is the freedom of speech from only those who hold the same radical, right wing views as yourself.

I’d also like to point out that I’m a fundamental conservative with some sprinkling of liberal paradigms….lol

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@filmfann You think Palin is worse? I don’t.

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I have worked for many bad bosses. Evil is worse than Stupid, when the portions are equal. Bachmann is evil, but Sarah is far more stupid.

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I just saw on TV that Mitt Romney called the pledge inappropriate and undignified.

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@Schroedes13 That’s why the whole thing is ridiculous. Most of that stuff has been tested by the courts and found to be constitutional. They’d have to get five or six new amendments passed.

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