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If you hated your town but for various reasons could not move away, how could you happily deal with living there?

Asked by Aster (19974points) July 12th, 2011

Let’s say your entire family lives in your town and you enjoy being around them sometimes, you’re settled into a nice house with no mortgage and your s/o has no intention of relocating. But you hate the town, the climate , the traffic the looks of it, your friends live far away and the racist mindset is repugnant to you . How would you adjust to living there or could you? Would you just make up your mind you’d find a way to enjoy life in the place?

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It’s hard for me to put myself in this position because there are very few places that I’ve “hated” much. I’ve made six coast-to-coast moves in the US (and others in-between coasts), and some places I’ve liked more than others, but I’ve never “hated” a place – and I’ve lived in a few places that I don’t want to run back to.

So what I do is what humans have done for millennia: I adapt, make do, and find a way to make a place “my own” ... and make the best of it.

Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, etc.

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I could almost write this Q word for word. I’m interested to see what shakes out.

If you literally hated the town and literally could not move away, then I suppose you’d have to chip away at the hate. Not to overdramatize, but people have found meaning for themselves in much more decrepit circumstances.

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If I had any choice in the matter what so ever….I would move in a heartbeat.

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My solution may not be similar to yours but for me I’d like to have a second place elsewhere for summer. It would not have to be fancy or big. Just in an entirely different environment in a cool looking, cool breezes small town with mountains for the spring and summer. That would be my dream. If the town didnt have mountains it would have to have plenty of atmosphere and pizazz and I’m not talking about nightlife. Just a beautiful, cozy town with maybe quaint shops with an old-fashioned look to it. One place without mountains would be Haddonfield, NJ. A place with lots of people of all ages on bicycles and other people walking dogs. Not the concrete jungle with horns beeping, people staying inside and boiling hot concrete four lane highways for those who have to rush to and from work.

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If your finances are allowing why not look for a little summer vacation place?

With the housing market as it is I am sure you could find a very reasonable little cabin or beach place somewhere with the climate and ambiance you desire.

Northern Ca. or Maybe the mountains in N.M. or Colorado, not too far from your area now. Maybe an hour or two flight or a 10–12 hour drive.

I’d focus on making that dream come true, and in the meanwhile, focus on the things you do like, especially your home as a haven. Making your surroundings peaceful and beautiful is always a plus. :-)

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Coloma, I loved your answer. I’m going to do it. I don’t know where yet but I will find the right spot. I just hope when I find it , it doesn’t turn into a bucket of icewater in my face. And that’s why I’d like to lease something. I think. Some New England towns can be quite charming but SO far away.

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