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What kind of parent would allow his or her kids to run around naked in public?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43353points) July 12th, 2011

Of course, it’s a spin off of JohnPennington’s question.

So many people feel that it was ridiculous that the mother was charged and fined for allowing her child to run around naked even after being warned by the police.

I don’t feel there is anything intrinsically wrong with naked kids, but I wouldn’t allow mine to run around in public naked. Would you?

What kind of a parent actually would?

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I don’t think anything of a naked child either, but there are way too many pervs in the world.. With little exception, any parent that would let their child be exhibited in that way is either ignorant or naive.

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Heck, not only do I not think there is anything intrinsically wrong with naked kids, I don’t think there is anything wrong with naked adults either.

I really don’t get the whole nudity = bad thing.

That being said, I didn’t allow my kids to run around naked in public.

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I’d be the kind of parent if I didn’t hate those other parents who’d bother my kid and their equally heinous children. Same reason my oldest wears his dresses at home and not outside.

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A nude child running around where @Dutchess_III? In the situation presented in that question we were discussing a 6yr old on a hot day at a fire hydrant. Nude children in summer is perfectly normal to me.

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I agree with you @Dutchess_III. I do not have anything against a nude child. But I would not let my child run around naked in public. As to what type of parents let their kids do so ..I don’t know, there are all types. Some good, some bad.

And, yes, I also agree that the mother should not have been charged (on the child nudity matter).

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Please correct me if I’m wrong, but are you implying that a parent letting their kid run around naked in public is actually “wrong”? I follow the law, but just because it’s in paper doesn’t mean it’s “right”.

I don’t see anything wrong with the fire hydrant situation.

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I would not let my child run around naked in public. That being said, when I read the question you linked I couldn’t help but wonder if the mom hadn’t approved the behavior either. It is entirely possible that the mom sent a fully dressed 6 year-old (or at the very least a 6 year-old in swim trunks) outside and he stripped of his own accord. The mom is probably guilty of not implementing logical consequences and letting the boy off too easy. Had she discipline him effectively he probably wouldn’t have dropped trou again.

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I would assume that they were probably German.

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A young enough kid? Sometimes, sure.

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What kind of a parent would allow their child naked in public? The kind that thinks it’s alright for their location. The kind that raises their child to believe a body is natural. The kind that thinks summertime memories involve sun and water in the au naturale state

Here are some examples where I think it’s normal:
We live in Wisconsin and have a lake home. At our lake adults and children are naked when swimming, often. Women are often topless or naked when sunbathing. No one calls the cops.

If I went into my local suburban Starbucks in a bikini and no shoes, I’d at least be stared or glared at. If I did the same thing at the beach in Florida or California, it’d be normal.

It’s difficult to judge this over the Net. Without knowing scenarios/locales or local cultural norms I can only judge based on what I know to be true for me.

What @Nullo brings up is also a good point. I have Germans, Russians and Italians in my family. Each heritage has a different idea of what type of skin shown is acceptable.

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In the fire hydrant in front of the building, hot summer day? I would let that happen.

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I have been thinking about this, because I know that my ex and I pretty much put out a body positive image for our kids. But we began to limit their nudity around the house at around age 4, and before that had them wear clothes outside for general protection. I think a 6 yr old/first grader is pretty much about as far as I would ever consider okay for an urban/suburban setting.

My girlfriend grew up in semi rural collective community, and she didn’t swim with a swim suit until she was 12 and all the boys wanted to see her naked. I tend to agree with @SpatzieLover.

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Let’s just say I wouldn’t throw any nekked pancake kid’s birthday parties.

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@SuperMouse Apparently the police talked with some neighbors and the mother refused to comply.

To those who ask what I mean by “In Public.” I mean, on a public street. In a public place, like Wal Mart. What difference does it make “where”? A public swimming pool on a hot day. Any place that isn’t private. I don’t see how it would be OK in some public situations and not in all others (assuming it’s not winter.)

I let my kids run around naked in the back yard and play in the pool. I wouldn’t allow them to run around in the front yard naked, though. I really think only a thoughtless, uncaring parent would.

Too many of you are picking up on the rant, and not answering the question…would YOU allow it? What kind of a parent would?

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I’m definitely a thoughtless uncaring parent in your opinion then. As I stated in the last thread, my son was often naked, dancing and singing in the rain. My police chief and his wife are also uncaring and thoughtless when it comes to their sons also…as their kiddie pool was in their front yard.

EDIT: Son was naked on our circular driveway in our front yard which faces two suburban streets with a four way stop at our corner. He also puts on plays outside and wears—the horror dresses so he can be various characters.—

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The laws are the laws. Not all laws are remotely logical or logical at all but since many laws are simply laws because of knee jerk politics, fears, or pet peeves. She (the mother) didn’t head the warning, she rolled the dice that it wasn’t as bad as she thought but she did not have more numbers and more guns so she had to follow the degree of those who had, she didn’t and that is why she was arrested. Even if she was from a nation where it was legal to walk around buck naked until you ere 14yr, once here in the United States you follow the low even if stupid, asinine, silly or illogical.

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But you were on your own property, right? I can see that for a moment. I can’t see it in a crowd of other people. Also, how old were your kids, and COP’s kids? Were they 6, 7 8, 9 years old? Were there any trees or anything in his yard?

Would you send your kid to the public pool naked, @SpatzieLover?

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@Dutchess_III Public pools have rules banning nudity. They will not allow a nude child to enter. A public pool often has rules stating no cut-off or street clothes are allowed.

Public and private lakes sometimes have swimming rules stated. Some do not. I stated my personal opinion on that above.

My son is 6. The chief’s sons are now 8 & 6. You can see my property for a while depending on whether or not a train stalls you at the stop sign. We both have large back yards. However both are homes are built in such a way that it’s easier to keep a watchful eye on the kids in the front or side yards.

Since @JohnPennington never came back to give details, I can only go on what I know about the inner city near me and driving through city streets in TN. If a hydrant gets opened in Milwaukee, it’s usually the authorities that open it so that city kids can get cooled off. Considering inner city kids don’t necessarily have money the older kids often wear cut-offs or shorts and the little kids may be nude.

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I’ve never experienced an inner city hydrant play time, so I don’t know. I don’t see any naked kids around here playing in the hose. At least, not in the front yard. And again, you’re on your own property. Would you take them for a walk around the block with no clothes on? Would you send them to the neighbor’s house naked, to play in the hose?

Also, does the 8 year old truly feel comfortable being naked where people can see him? His classmates and stuff? 8 was about the time when I started feeling very uncomfortable if I didn’t wear a shirt.

Funny story…I’m white. The kid’s dad is part Indonesian. In the winter they’re white. In the summer, mercy! They get DARK, except, obviously for the parts that don’t get sun. One day I left the kids alone in the tub for a minute….Corrie was 6 and Chris was 4. I went to check the mail. I was at the mailbox out front when I happened to glance up and there are my two, buck naked kids wandering down the driveway toward me! At that very instant a car went by and started honking. The driver was grinning from ear to ear. I yelled, “Git back in the house!!”
They turned around, giggling, and scampered back to the back yard..their little white butts flashing like white tailed deer, just giggling and giggling! That driver saw the whole thing. He honked almost to the next block! I bet he tells that story to this day! It was hilarious! : )

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@Hypocrisy_Central: I asked repeatedly in the other thread “at what age is it illegal for a child to be naked” and did not get any answers. I would hope if the cops are giving tickets for things they would know the answer. John65pennington did not answer the question. I googled it and got vague details. If it’s not illegal, the cops giving a ticket or arresting the mother should not stand. When I googled “indecent exposure” all of the legal definitions discuss intent, including sexual intent.

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@SpatzieLover wait..what? What does money have to do with anything? Surely poor kids have shorts of some kind! Are you saying they’re forced to wear long clothes in the middle of summer?

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@Dutchess_III Some kids only get “new” proper fitting clothes for school. They often cut up old jeans/pants to make shorts for summer.

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Well, sure! I used to do that even when I wasn’t poor. I have scads of cut offs around here even now. I don’t understand how that could be an option only for older kids, and not younger. They ALL tend to grow up more than out, so you can stretch a pair of jeans over a year or even two.

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Tarzan & Jane. “Hey boy, watch out for crocodile. He take big bite out of small pecker.”

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I would but after being warned I’d take some precautions .

Kids will be kids so it doesn’t matter how you put the problem .. if he likes to be nude one can’t force him to wear clothes .

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You most certainly CAN force them to wear clothes. If they refuse, fine, but they don’t go outside to play. If they take off their clothes outside, then they come inside until they agree to leave their clothes on. If you can’t control a kid when they’re 3, what makes you think you’ll be able to control them when they’re 16?

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Being just like me it’s easy to respond here . You take your clothes and undress by using the ” momma / dad they were dirty because I see them dirty .. OR .. ups look here .. a bubu[ when they torn the clothes ] .

Believe me it’s not about controlling them it’s making them understand why doing that is not good or bad [ not the good vs evil but the decency of it ] ... and after a few years they won’t take the clothes off unless in their own intimacy or for a pool or sea visit .

And it’s easier to reason with a 6 years old than with a 3 years old one . Because when you explain something to a 16 years old kid he can think about it and see your reasoning while a 3 years old know only ” do this ./ don’t do that ” .

Not to mention that kids have different personalities so I’m glad to hear your kids always listened to you and never did something you told them not to .

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I always make them wear their colored shorts/underwear when they are in the front yard. It’s just common sense to me. I would say the answer is a thoughtless/ignorant parent would not care.

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Only a monster pervert parent would ever allow their children to be naked. Ever. My two little ones are clothed from head to foot at all times, ESPECIALLY at bath time. What if someone were to casually stroll past the house, and casually climb up onto a crate and look in the bathroom window?!

I don’t want to be alarmist, but do you know how many men out there are degenerate perverts waiting to catch a glimpse of a child’s bare ANKLE? The answer is ALL OF THEM!!! I’m so glad my kids will never be abused or looked at by sick, deranged adults.

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Oh I dunno,
probably anyone who lives anywhere except the USA and maybe…actually no that’s pretty much it.

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@atomicmonkey Sarcasm does not always work, especially on the internet.

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Different people approach different the same situation .

It may be lack of common sense or ignorance for some to do different than you but it’s just the way some do it . In Spain for example nobody cleans the bars [ cigars / hand kerchiefs / corks etc are on the floors… the more they are the respected that bar is . You gonna say it’s not healthy but it’s just how we do things here ] .. there are a lot of other things that are done different .

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@The_Idler You could definitely tell we were tourists when we were in Spain. Women were going topless, and some getting naked to wash the saltwater off of them when they got out of the ocean. The Americans stared, and everyone else was going on with their day lol.

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@jca I asked repeatedly in the other thread “at what age is it illegal for a child to be naked” and did not get any answers. Seeing when it comes to sex and nudity Uncle Sam is like a man before a mirror who when he turns away promptly forgets what he looks like. The short answer to that question, by far not the most logical, is it becomes illegal when an adult gets aroused or bothered, or is logically thought to be. How children are handled in just about any case is quite nebulous, people want to slide the acts or issues around like bones on a domino table until it fits what they are comfortable with. If you are inside your house how you dress or how your children dress, or not, should be up to the family. Logical as that sounds even that is not safe. If you have children between 9 and 15 of different sexes walking about naked and some one just happened to see through drapes that were not shut you could almost bet someone will be calling someone about it. Children are as adults or as kids, are done so much to suit adults, with some limitations.

That would be as if it is legal for an eleven year old to engage in sex? For the most part, it is, he/she is fairly free to have sex with anyone they please the illegal part falls on whom they have sex with. I have never seen any law on the books that made it illegal for an eleven year old and a twelve year old to boink like bunnies if they both wanted to do it and no one forced the other. If you have 50 acres and your kids want to run around the property naked so long as no one else sees de factoly it is OK. There is no one to see and be offended. Would they hear of it and not actually see it, they might still complaint because in the US nudity always have to have a hand in sexuality. Even though sex is used to sale just about everything, is the vehicle for about 80% of gags and jokes in sitcoms, and is the main goal of most characters in weekly series, kids are expected to be brain-dead to this onslaught, and the bigger issue things like this become makes it more alluring to kids. Tell them it is the greatest rollercoaster ever but they are too small to ride; they want to find their way on it somehow.

It is legal US wise, as long as no one gets annoyed or bothered. With how many times people have mentioned people that would leer at them and lick their lips, the annoyed part is quite healthy. As if to equate a parent who let their kids run naked when the public can see them, to people who tacitly are serving their child up to those who would leer with less than noble intent.

I would not let my kids run naked past two for faith reasons. If I were a secular person it would be to avoid any entanglements with a nebulous law, if a secular person and there was no law forbidding it, I would think like those of Europe, South Pacific Islands, or the Rain Forest, it would not be much of a deal.

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We do not hide our body ! ^^ [ though we have common sense and not come naked at weddings / funerals etc ] . We have tact [ well at least some of us ]

Though it’s a bit odd to stare [ or look like one hasn’t seen any naked humans before ] while most of the times we want to see them naked [ or imagine them wearing no clothes or only a few ] .

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@Plucky Are you being sarcastic? I can’t tell.

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@Hibernate you said, ” I’m glad to hear your kids always listened to you and never did something you told them not to .” No need for sarcasm or attack. I never suggested that. Of course they did things they weren’t supposed to do, and there were consequences. My daughter-in-potty-training once saw a potty chair at the second hand store. She got all excited and ran over to it and started pulling her pants down to sit on it. The consequence? I started laughing, caught up to her and said, “You can’t do that here! Let’s find a private bathroom!” And we did. And I simply explained that you can’t pull your pants down in public. So what if she didn’t understand why. That was the rule…... ACTUALLY, she reacted literally to what I said. When we went back out to the store, after a bit, I noticed a lady giving me a dirty look. I glanced down at my daughter, and there she was, pants down around her ankles, looking at me, obviously making the point that yes, you can pull your pants down in public, and she just proved it! Laughing again I had to amend to “We are not allowed to pull our pants down in public!” I wanted to tell the lady who gave me the dirty look to lighten up and get a freakin’ life!

You said, “If they don’t want to leave their clothes on, we can’t make them.” Yes, we can. There doesn’t have to be any reasoning involved, just consequences.

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Nudity in public…why? What’s the reason for. I’m not so concerned about anatomical of where who’s is or what’s that and why is that there’s but more concerned about the child molester watching and then even possibly taking pictures and starting a child porn site. I have no issues with the ppl I trust, it’s the ones I don’t I have an issue with.

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Good answer, @Meego. You might go to the link in the details of the question to see where this started.

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Why in God’s name people take it so personal when you answer a question ? Did I not mention several times I do not like to be sarcastic and when I do use sarcasm is so obvious ?
When did I attack people ? [ better yet why do people see everything around them as insults ? ]

Consequences might not be so many if people would be more understanding . For your example .. if that lady would have used the brain for just a second she’d notice your daughter age . I did say you cannot reason with a young kid because he does not understand it . While you wanted to prove your point you just used what I was pointing out . One forces another to do what THEY THINK IS RIGHT / MORAL / GOOD and end up with them not doing so just to prove the contrary [ your kid pulled the clothes to show you she can do it ] .

P.S. I’ll take notice that this is the 3d or 4th time when you feel insulted by what I post so whenever I say something be sure it’s not for you [ unless a special @ which will be rare because you seem to take offense by everything ]
With these being said sorry for all the inconveniences .

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Sorry @Dutchess_III my phone was dying & I didn’t think I had enough to go to the link, I got the charger.

So in any case I still think no matter what any kid should have at least under wear on, as much as a molester would love to watch children in bathing suits, I still feel like letting a child hang ALL out in public makes them more vulnerable.

Shouldn’t we know that by now :/

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Therefore all women that wear short skirts are asking to be raped? UGH!

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Funny that you say ”...why do people see everything around them as insults ?” Does this happen to you often? ” I’m glad to hear your kids always listened to you and never did something you told them not to .” was pretty darn sarcastic. If you don’t see that then that’s what your problem is with the people around you who often feel insulted by you.

@SpatzieLover No, of course not. But a grown up gets to choose what she wears, knowing what effect it might (or might not) have on others. She may dress provocatively on purpose because she likes the attention. No, she’s not asking to be raped, but she’s making her own choice of statement. Children are clueless and need to be protected.

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@Spatzielover Uh no. Kids can’t protect themselves.

Therefore adult woman in short skirts are more vulnerable?

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@SpatzieLover how did you end up from a kid running naked in public to rape ?

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@Hibernate that is how the controversy starts lol

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No one said this child was alone when naked.

This question made me think about my own childhood. I was shy, so I gave up being “naked” at about 2. I would go topless until about 4 or 5 though.

My sister and her best friend went skinny dipping in a private pool (visible from the street) until 17. They never gave a damn who saw them. Neither of them were promiscuous either. They just preferred no tan lines.

@Hibernate because @Meego brought up a straw man argument. A naked child is not inviting predators.

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No the naked child is not inviting the predators, that’s kind of the point we don’t know who the predators are. And I hate to say it but children don’t have to be left alone to be victimised.

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@Meego Statistically speaking, it is more likely for children to be victimized in homes of people they know.

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A naive one.

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What if it was not at home but not actually public, like a private swim club, etc. If it was a private club where you had to be a paying member and it was not open to the general public, and some 6yr old little boy, or girl, figured skinny dipping was better, if they ere not violating any health codes would that be as bad as being on the curb with an open hydrant naked? What if it was a private club and an 8yr old wanted to go nude, treated differently, the same, worse?

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Oh, if you were at a private swim club and no one objected, then why not? But first you need to find out if any one objects.

I talked to @johnpennington on PM. He said a neighbor called the police because of the fire hydrant AND the naked kid. The nosey busy-body.

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As many others have already stated, child nudity is fine in the right location. I would never let my toddler/child run around naked in a mall, but in my yard or on the street under my supervision why not. We came out nude! Many of us have our greatest moments of life in the nude! Might as well revel in the nudity when you can!

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Run around naked? In New York City?? What, do I look crazy??????
I don’t even have a kid!
OK, maybe in Park Slope, but only in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Everyone should frolic in the flowers.

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@Schroedes13 And I the right location. I don’t think a neighborhood street full of people is the right location.

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@aprilsimnel, is that anything like “Tiptoeing Through the Tulips”? Just wondering.

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