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What section do you most post/answer in?

Asked by Paul (2717points) July 12th, 2011

General or Social?

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Social. I prefer to answer with a fact and an opinion. In general, humor isn’t allowed unless it’s a fact. I get modded out of general so I shy away from answering there.

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Lately, Meta.

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I’m not anti-social, put it that way.

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Social, almost exclusively.

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Social…I peruse them all equally…but social has by far the most questions so that is where my thoughts wind up the most!

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Social. I always get kicked out of General!

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I mostly post in social but I do not look in what sections questions are posted .

I give the same replies because it’s hard not to say your opinion about something [ even for general questions ] .

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Social and Meta, sometimes general, but I’m a bit leery in there.

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I don’t pay any attention.

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Social. I would enjoy being able to answer more questions in General, but many of them are like reading a question in a foreign language…mainly IT-speak.

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Randomly..sort of like the wheel of fortune…spin here and there.

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Wherever the more interesting questions end up.
I wish there was a VIEW ALL option.

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Social. I do check out general equally, but there’s a lot less that I feel I can answer there. It requires technical answers, and I don’t know all that much stuff. I can just talk about zombies, or feel sorry for myself. Go social!

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Social. :D:D:D

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Mostly social. There are some heated questions in general that I do not like to get involved with. I try to stick with the more opinionated and thoughtful questions.

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@KatetheGreat I keep looking for an excuse to tell you that you really have some great ideas for questions. Who needs general when we have you. :)

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@Symbeline Aww, thanks! You so sweeeeeeet. :)

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I get modded if I post in General.

Social all the way.

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Social, almost entirely, at least for questions. I always ask my questions in social but have, on a couple of occasions, had to remind people that even though the question is in social I would appreciate it if someone would actually answer it. I will answer in general if I have something useful and on-topic to add. I will also, more frequently than I should, answer in general if I don’t have something useful and on-topic to add but that almost always gets me in trouble.

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General. I’m a very serious guy. Social, by far.

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Generally in Social.

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So interesting. When Fluther was first concieved, it was nothing BUT General. It wasn’t broken into the 3 sections, Social, General and Meta. It was only one section, but the rules were the same as for General. Somebody…I don’t remember who, staged a hippie fit. I don’t think those people were native Flutherererrs.

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just for you

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