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Who were the guests on Dr. Oz yesterday, July 12/11?

Asked by flo (12981points) July 12th, 2011

They were talking about Chromium 6.
While I was waching it on TV, ( a few minutes into it) I kept waiting for the usual caption (name and credentials of guests) that we see everytime a guest/interviewee starts speaking, esp. at length. But nothing. That is the first time I saw this.

By the way at first, you might get ‘this item is not available’ on the links below so it needs clicking again.
The video doesn’t start from the beginning (introduction of the guests)
This also doesn’t have the introduction:

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Dr. Patricia Meinhardt, a scientist,
Dr. Thomas Burke, John Hopkins


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Dr. Patricia Meinhardt, a scientist, the diseases caused by environmental ..
Dr. Thomas Burke, John Hopkins was also in the show and said that the lead .. What are the exact credentials though? Why is it taken out of the video? Dr. Meinhardt is an MD, and Dr. Thomas Burke is a Dermatologist.

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Note: There was a post (mine), that I flagged because I gave the wrong link.

The videos should be:

A Regular MD and a Dernmatologist were on the show July 12/2011, speaking about Chromium 6. Their credentials were removed from the videos

Maybe the Doctors genuinely believe what they are saying, but why Dr. did Oz need to hide that they are not specialists in this area?

I hope there isn’t another show that practices these kind of activity.

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