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Can a beaver survive without a lake or pond for water?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) July 12th, 2011

We have had some pretty dramatic tornados in the past six months. I have noticed birds and animals that were not here before the storms. One in particular is a beaver. This is day three that we have noticed him. The nearest body of water is about three miles away. Question: can a beaver survive without a lake or pond?

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They need some still body of water, but it doesn’t have to be very big.
They can survive for a while without a pond or lake, especially if they have been displaced.

3 miles isn’t that far for a beaver to go looking for suitable water.

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I’m assuming you do not mean surviving without having water to drink?

The biggest issue for a beaver, that is on land, is how slow they move. Three miles is a lot if there are predators nearby – beavers are just too slow on land. The beaver will eventually find the water and they have an excellent sense of smell. The problem is the beaver getting there before being killed. If there are not a lot of predators in the area, the beaver should be fine. However, if there is concern over predators ..I would call your local wildlife services.

The beaver will not die simply from not having a lake/pond/river though. They do not need to be physically wet to survive. It’s just their dams and lodges are needed for safe shelter, food storage and kit raising – which are on/in water.

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Neat thing about beavers: they make appropriate habitats for themselves. Their damming of rivers creates more biodiversity in the form of marshes and edge-zones, which fosters the ideal sort of plant growth that beavers enjoy (lots of willows and such).

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