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Anybody usin' Spaces (Leopard)?

Asked by zaid (216points) April 29th, 2008

I haven’t found a really good reason to use them. Anybody use them?

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I sure do not.

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I sure do. Same reason I use multiple desktops in linux. Do you use multiple monitors?

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I don’t use Spaces. I might use it if I didn’t have multiple monitors.

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I have a love/hate relationship with spaces. I hate the fact that many apps don’t play nice with it (and don’t activate if you apple-tab to them), not to mention that many of them just disappear if their windows get split between two spaces.

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yeah, I never found much of a use for multiple desktops. I only have one monitor. To me it seems like a nice trick but doesn’t really do anything. I also agree with ‘drew, it’d be nice if it worked.

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pheonyx, can you put a couple screen shots of your different spaces?

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I tried it and it didn’t fit the way I work. I hide apps when I’m not using them immediately or quit if not using for a while. Dock & option-tab works for me.

Now Exposé, on the other hand… is awesome.

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pupntaco, i feel you! i use opt-tab all the time and exposé. Btw, your name have any relation to the Electro Rock?

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Yes, ALL the time. Its great with photoshop. So lovely and helpful!

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Yes, I love it. Helps me keep organized and I can move between different projects quickly.

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delirium, evander: what are the advantages over Apple+Tab? I’m really tryin to understand.

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I love Spaces just for the fact that I can have a whole “desktop” devoted to a powerpoint presentation and another whole “desktop” devoted to iTunes. I find that it is better that Apple+tab just because with that, all of your windows are piled on top of one another, and that can lead to confusion in OCD-ish types such as myself. Mostly I use it as an organization device. I also assign certain programs to open in certain Spaces, which is a really useful feature. Spaces is easily my favorite feature of Leopard.

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At times…...if working with several apps that use a lot of screen each.

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Yep if i have multiple finder windows open in one space its easier to have safari or something else open in another

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I quite like it, but sometimes don’t see the point.

Its handy with VMWare, can have Windows or Linux running full screen and just switch between it and OSX quickly.

Also, if say, I am doing some coding, will probably have that in its own space.

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Rarely, still use Expose quite a bit though.

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hell yes i do. (except when i am using am external monitor in addition.)

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zaid: I should give a better explanation.

I group my apps by context. At work I use terminal, an ide or text editor, and a browser, so they are all in space1. Communications (colloquy, adium, sometimes thunderbird) are in space2. Entertainment (games, itunes) are in space3. Additional apps go in space4. I find it easier to switch contexts in my head when I have them logically grouped by space. I don’t hide apps, I leave them open in their space. I also don’t use alt+tab. I prefer to use quicksilver to jump straight to an app rather than cycle through a list.

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I put iLife in space 2 and everything else in space 1; left and right. 90% of the time that just keeps itunes separate from safari and mail. If i want to mess with the music, then i use control 2 and and control 1 to get back.

Also I’m really digging the virtualization idea; it might make a great space 3.

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