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Any idea what game this is?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7976points) July 12th, 2011

So, I had this game once about a year ago that was kind of like MYST in some ways (you had to find the correct solution to the problem at hand to get past the level). Instead of the insane storyline, however, there was this little guy in this nightcap and his dog had gotten kidnapped – this other spaceship came down and beamed up the dog while the main character was sleeping. You had to go and find the dog by going through these different levels.

The little guy lived in space, I remember – you could download the game online (there was a part one and part two).

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That would be the game, Samorost 2.

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Samorost freakin’ rocks!

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Ooh, I had forgotten about this game! Thanks!

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Wow, I’ve got to go back and play Samorost now, and Machinarium too.

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@jediknight304 Thanks for mentioning Machinarium; I’d never played that before. The demo was crazy awesome. Considering buying the full versions of both that and Samurost 2.

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