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Do you like online shopping?

Asked by Elaine0 (39points) July 13th, 2011

Do you like online shopping? Why?

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Depends on what for. Books, electronics, household things, sure. I hate running errands, and get the same thrill of hunting down the perfect item online as I do in the stores, but without the stress of driving and traffic and retail stores and retail employees and gas money. Clothes? No. I need to look at it and try it on in order to get it, and I can do that for free in person (and even buy it, take it home, try it on, and return it with no charge if need be). Online always costs non-refundable shipping. Basically, if it comes in a box, and I wouldn’t get to see more of it if I bought it in person than I would online, I’d prefer to order it online (assuming it’s a viable option, both financially and time-wise).

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I still enjoy the thrill of the find in the physical sense. I like to touch feel and smell things before I buy. Plus the gratification is instantaneous. Though waiting for a new record in the mail can be very exciting. I guess it really depends on what I’m purchasing.

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I love it. I can shop in stores overseas and get things I can’t get here. I can also save money on things like books, music and the like. Some things I really do prefer to go and buy in person though. If it is something like cosmetics though, I may buy in person the first time and then buy online.

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I purchase around 75% of everything online (excluding groceries).
– most of the time, it’s much cheaper
– avoid stores
– avoid malls
– save time

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I love it. When I get things in the mail, I feel like I just got a present—and it’s exactly what I wanted.

Just thinking of it right now makes me want to squeal like I’m thirteen again.

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I much prefer to shop in stores. I do buy some things online, many times saving the tax which is nice. Pretty much I limit the shopping to basic items I have owned before, or vendors which I am very familiar with their fit if it is clothing. My husband buys auto parts on line at times.

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Yes, it’s simple, quick, and the selection is amazing!

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No. I do not trust the internet for making purchases with my credit cards. Hackers are just waiting to retrieve your numbers and sell them to the highest bidder.

I will continnue to shop the old-fashioned way…......on foot.

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@john65pennington – Do you use credit cards at “brick-and-mortar” stores and restaurants?

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I like it OK. I don’t do it that much. It beats going to a mall (ugh).

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Online shopping is the only kind of shoping for me.

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I love online shopping for certain things. Shoes and jewelery are great things to buy online. I’m a shoe person so I find most of the shoes that I buy online. I usually find them on the websites of big stores and designers, but a huge benefit of online shopping is that I can then find them for way cheaper (sometimes half the price) somewhere else.

Things like art and decorative pieces are also good things to buy online, especially on sites like Etsy.

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I’ve gotten great deals on military surplus stuff online. It became addicting at one point.

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I enjoy shopping online, but it can also become a lot more complicated, such as with shipping problems, and can become more expensive because of the cost of shipping. I also don’t find it quite practical for buying clothes, seeing as you can’t try them on and you have to return it if it doesn’t fit or you don’t like the look of it in real life. It’s also more difficult for me, seeing as I’m not exactly old enough to have my own credit card.

But overall, shopping online is convenient and I don’t mind it.

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It’s almost all I do other than a bi-weekly trip to Whole Foods. I don’t have to pay sales tax, don’t have to stand in line, and all items are shipped to my door (Usually w/free shipping, too).

I can manage lists online and have certain items shipped monthly, or on a regular basis which is much less time consuming for my family.

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I don’t actually buy anything, I just check prices and styles.

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I love online shopping. I have worked in retail in the past and that really turned me off from having to go to a mall. I do shop in stores for various things, but if I can get it online, I prefer it. The crowds, the parking, the wasted time having to look for things – ugh!

@john65pennington Unless you’re using only cash (which you may be) you are opening yourself up to fraud.

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An almost daily occurence for me, I even get some things on a schedule. Were it not for me, would close down. I used to like seeing packages at the door but now , with these dogs, the loud barking takes the zing out of it. I even have big scratches in the door.

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I like it because I hate driving and dealing with crowds. I have Amazon prime, so if I want something I will check there first and usually get it for a few bucks cheaper, plus have it in two days!

Also, it’s nice to have a box waiting at home to open. It’s like a present even though you know what’s in it! LOL

But on the other hand, sometimes I like to see what I’m getting before I get it.

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@mrrich724 we also have Prime. I use it religiously!

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Online shopping fan here. It is all about being able to do the research in advance. One example is purchasing a baby shower or wedding gift present. If they have registered online, one can see what they want, what has already been purchased, and pick out an item within a price range to be spent as an individual or as a group. I live far away from family and some friends, so online shopping makes it easier.

The ability to do the research in advance allows us to make choices without the pressure from a sales representative. I’ve chosen, and sometimes bought, clothes, gifts, travel arrangements, groceries, computer games and probably a few other things online. There are no regrets for any purchase.

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I signed my new credit card last night with a gel pen and when I picked it up ages later, the signature smeared. I had to ring the bank and ask them for a replacement. Unfortunately, my husband was in the kitchen while I was talking to them and one of the security questions was “what was the last thing you bought on your credit card” and it was rather a lot of cosmetics from an online company… my response to that question was “oh damn, my husband will hear how much I spent!!!” The operator got a good laugh out of my discomfort and I got raised eyebrows from my husband.

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