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How can i print white letters/graphics on dark (brown) paper?

Asked by simongtr (46points) June 15th, 2007

I'm designing my own invitations and I want to print on brown paper. Can I buy white ink cartridges somewhere?

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Honestly i think your best bet is going to be to not print directly on the brown paper. I think the better solution would be to print on clear plastic labels, and print white text, and then peel off the labels and stick them onto the invitations. I don't think it's easy to just go buy a white ink cartridge, and if you can, then you might have to have a printer for which they actually make white ink cartridges. but EVEN then, you're color and contrast is going to be a hundred times better if you print on clear plastic, and then stick the clear plastic to the brown paper.

...Let me know if you have questions! :-)

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I have never had any luck printing a very light color--even on black paper. Evan's answer is the best I've heard!

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Not sure how many invitations you have, but one way I've gotten around this same problem in the past is to buy a white or silver pen and write by hand on the dark envelope. It's very old-school, but it looks awesome. There's something irresistable about a black envelope with a handwritten white address...

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Silk screen printing offers a professional option that allows the text/graphics to be lighter than the color of the paper. I have had dark blue folders silk screened (at a print shop) with cream and tan text/graphics -- and they looked great. Some of the text was small, yet it looked crisp and neat. If you are artistic, perhaps you could silk screen the invitations yourself. Good luck!

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Evan, thats the best answer. To print white letters on clear labels and put on brown paper.

If you want cheap labels, check out Label Art Inc (I used to work there). they have wholesale prices. The only thing most of the time, minimum is 500 labels. Try to explain and ask for the specific amount of labels. They have sizes that would fit an invitation.

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simongtr, please click on maggiesmom1's link! It really works! And you won't have to use labels, silk screen, or anything else! You'll love it!

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