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Have you ever considered cannabis to be holy?

Asked by rOs (3517points) July 13th, 2011

To avoid upsetting anyone with my expressed opinion, I’ve provided three links with adequate information.

Consider this:

Exhibit A- Holy Anointing Oil

Exhibit B- Miracles

Exhibit C- The Annointed One

Is this information plausible to you? If so, would it change anything about your views?

Cannabis: It’s not just a right, it’s a rite.

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Jesus and religion are irrelevant in the 21st century, but that’s cool. Although combining weed and christianity will only appeal to christians. It’s not a strong argument if you are pro marijuana since their are other, more solid arguments.

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Using it in the context of a religious ceremony is very different that just smoking it.

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@Blackberry Agreed, but I felt the information was intriguing enough to share. Even if you count Jesus out of the equation, it still is interesting to think of cannabis as a sacramental plant.

@marinelife Do you think that smoking isn’t a ceremony for some people? I would say anything that can bring you closer to your spirituality deserves a small amount of respect. I’m not advocating habitual use of anything by the way

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It’s as bogus as the contention that Jesus had live in girlfriends, slept around, or whatever other nonsense you can find on the internet.

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Dinosaurs got there first!
It’s all cool brother Jesus ;¬}

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@snowberry I asked if it was plausible. Are denying the existence of the anointing oil? If not, what makes you think he wouldn’t have used it?

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Just thought I’d throw this site into the mix.
I recall reading similar stuff on it.


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Many traditions have used drugs to enhance/open spiritual portals.

Not an issue for me in the least.

Ideally we should all be able to access our inner space in a state of sobriety, but a little lubrication to slide the mind aside is nothing new in the realm of truth seeking.

Mescaline, Peyote, many, many hallucinogenic plants have been utilized in mans quest for enlightenment.

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Thank you for your eloquent words @Coloma! I couldn’t have explained it better myself! One should be able to go without, but that doesn’t mean it should be illegal. If you’re wondering what would happen if it was legalized, thank @lloydbird for providing this link with the answer.

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Not it wouldn’t change anything. And it did not.
Someone has way to much time then finds way to many adepts for things like this.

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So what, all these biblical prophecies were written by guys who could be the ancient equivalent of Cheech and Chong??!!

Whoa! Groovy mannnn…heeeee….mmm…

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LOL…there might be some ‘truth’ in that too. Funny visual..Cheech & Chong…dumb and dumber at it’s finest!

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@rOs the anointing oil or Chrism used by the Catholic Church consists of olive oil & balsam.

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@SpatzieLover Really? Would a church be offended if I brought a baguette to be anointed?

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@Blackberry the Priest would likely chuckle ;)

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Adds new meaning to the term ‘Jesus Freak’ :->

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There are many healing herbs. All are sacred when used in the right way.

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Now, if only our heroic leaders would understand that we can make our own decisions…If it wasn’t for the propaganda surrounding cannabis, people could be educated on it’s proper use; instead, kids often resort to experimenting with a substance they know very little about..

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I don’t consider anything to be holy. So no.

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It has to be part of some plan. I mean why is it even here?

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No, I have not.

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No. Dude.

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@woodcutter Apparently it’s to be the salvation of the textile industry.

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