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How should I go about getting my stuff back from my ex boyfriend?

Asked by Marchofthefox (787points) July 13th, 2011

I had given my ex boyfriend a few things during our brief relationship like my iPod; so he could text message me and other things. We had broken up and he’s deleted me off Facebook and hasn’t even bothered to return any of my belongings. How should I get my things back?

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Just rap on his door and demand your things back. Simple.

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1. Pick up telephone.

2. Dial boyfriend’s phone #.

3. Request the return of your personal property.

The End

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Never give something you expect to get back. Write them off.

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I am with @Cruiser on this one, you can ask for them but don’t expect anything back. Just plan on getting new things

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See @creative1
You must take charge. Ask him for it.
But, don’t expect to see it again.

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As others have written, don’t expect to get a response or get your things back. You should ask but don’t expect anything.

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I also agree with Cruiser. But it can’t hurt to call him up and ask.

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Go to his house with someone like a brother or a parent, or a friend who can back you up. Just surprise him and be nice, and tell him “Hey I tried to call you but you didn’t answer. I’m here to get my stuff back.” He’s less likely to act like an ass in front of you if you have another person with you.

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Never give anything to a boyfriend/girlfriend in the expectation you’ll get it back. Why couldn’t he have purchased a cell phone (or other device) to text you?

All you can do is ask him for it back. If he refuses you could take him to small claims court but that may not be worth the effort.

This may just be an expensive life lesson.

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I“m with @jca on this one, works better if you bring along a mutual friend or two. But remember, something given in a relationship is normally considered the equivalent of a gift so don’t get your hopes up in that he’ll follow through.

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Did you give him this stuff, or just lend? A gift is a gift. It’s pretty lame to ask for something back that you GAVE to him just because you broke up.

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I agree with everyone above me and especially @FutureMemory. On top of that, even if you thought they were loans, he may not have.

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Have you asked him to return your stuff? If not, that’s step one.

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When you gave or lent him the phone, was it like “I’m giving you a phone so you can communicate with me?” or was it “I’m lending you my phone so you can communicate with me?”

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