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Pigeon racing?

Asked by Mrs_Dr_Frank_N_Furter (587points) April 29th, 2008

Does anyone know of any pigeon racing clubs in or near bellevue washington?

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who pigeon races? Seriously though, this is not rude I am curious.

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My dad used to do it (we’re canadian so we have an excuse) and it looks like fun

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My friends Canadian

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yea so that’s why. but I have know clue where a club is in or near Bellevue

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Look here and

email someone with these groups and ask about local clubs.

Better yet do your homework!

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im canadian (from montreal, quebec) and ive never heard of this. am i out of the loop, eh? also, go habs go!!!!!!!!

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I’m a Torontoian. GO MAPLE LEAFS!!!

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who’s in the playoffs? who’s not? also: 67!!!!!!!!!! also, i was at the game on may 5th the last game of the season and we whupped your ass. and dont get into the raptors and blue jays, its totally irrelevant.

but seriously, how do you play pigeon racing? does it involve training a pigeon?

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i don’t really follow the play offs that much. I mean i’ll watch some games and of course the stanley cup, but the Maple Leafs probably aren’t in it. They are REALLY bad. But I still love ‘em!!!!

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