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Did aliens visit last night?

Asked by Pied_Pfeffer (28141points) July 14th, 2011

This morning, I woke up with a tender spot on my upper left arm, just like a shot feels the next day. There is also a tender spot on my left cheek (face, not bum). As clumsy as I am, nothing has been bumped into, nor has anyone hit me. There is no bruising. What in the world might possibly cause this? Some sort of vitamin deficiency?

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That could explain why I was driving my parents around England in a car.

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Maybe an insect or spider bite?

When you hear hoofbeats, think “horses” before “zebras” and if you start thinking “unicorns”, then see a doctor about a voluntary committal to a secure psychiatric facility.

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Spiders find me delectable. They often strike when I am asleep. Sounds to me like you may be quite tasty.

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You’re pregnant.

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If they did visit, they’re terrible guests.

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OK, it was aliens, it was that idiot Tal, he was suppose to go to Tampa , and got lost again, sorry about that

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Yeah, an alien kissed you goodnight!

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An alien.. as in the spider that bit you while you were sleeping?Ehh.. they are scary.. I can’t squash a spider..Ew! But i could squash an alien..Fun!

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For real: One AM I woke up from a dream (where I dreamed I was being stabbed in the neck) to find I had real pain in my neck. It turns out a ladybug was biting me. I flicked it off as fast as I could. It left a welt.

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@SpatzieLover “Aww, look at the ladybug that landed on my arm. How cuOHGOD GETITOFFME GETITOFFME!!!”

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@erichw1504 No Shit! It happened that my son was in bed with me that morning, so I had to be careful not to wake or scare him. I have yet to tell him how hard they bite, but have warned him not to pick them up in our yard. :/

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@SpatzieLover I already have mild bug-phobia and ladybugs were one of the few that I could stand. Not anymore…

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@erichw1504 My son has enough anxiety without knowing his ladybug friends bite like mo-fo’s ;)

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Yes, we did.

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It sounds like the Twilight Zone to me. I can hear the music now.

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Broken springs in the mattress, pushing in to your skin as your weight settles on them over night.

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No aliens, no spiders, no broken mattress springs…, sorry.
You used your left arm as a pillow for your face to sleep on.

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If you didn’t have a hickey on your arse, then probably not no.

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@janbb Tie your response with @hawaii_jake,‘s and we may have an answer.
@CWOTUS, @SpatzieLover, @Tay122 There is no discoloration or bump. Otherwise, I would agree with you. The room next door has a few cobwebs because I don’t clean it frequently enough.
@erichw1504 I suppose pregnancy is possible, but only if it occurred last night and by an alien that uses non-human methods.
@incendiary_dan Agreed.
@DrBill Apology accepted.
@poisonedantidote LOL, There are NO broken mattress springs in my bed. I don’t know what kind of hotel you work for, but in my world, that is not acceptable, be it at work or home.
@rebbel I sleep on my back or on the right side, if napping on the sofa. I thought of that though.
@ucme Hmm, let me go check. No, no hickey. Back to square one.

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@SpatzieLover One night I had a dream that someone was chasing me through the woods, and then caught me by the thigh. I woke up with a big, red hand print on the same thigh. I wish I woke up to a ladybug biting me, it would have been less scary.

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It wasn’t the light from alien space craft, can you say “Black Helicopters?”

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Of course it was aliens. I mean really, what else could it be? Oh wait…

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Put a trap by your bed tonight & report back to us in the AM…Okay?

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@SpatzieLover What type of trap would you suggest? Tin cans by the closed door and locked window? A Venus Fly Trap in case it is a bug or one like Audrey II in case it is something bigger? I’m willing to host a slumber party, as long as everyone wears pajamas.

@gondwanalon No signs of bedbugs. Even if they lived here, they go for body heat, so they would be more likely to attack the lower extremities than the ones exposed.

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@Pied_Pfeffer According to this web site, “Unlike flea bites that occur mainly around the ankles, bed bugs feed on any skin exposed while sleeping (face, neck, shoulders, back, arms, legs, etc.)” . Better check around your bed for little dark bed bug dropping.

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No worries @gondwanalon. There are no signs of bedbugs on the mattress, boxsprings or white sheets and mattress pad. There also haven’t been any welts or discoloration on my body. The two spots feel like a bruise…they are sore.

Thank you for the link though. The concern about bedbugs is interesting to me, having been in the hotel business, where this concern comes up fairly regularly.

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To use @CWOTUS‘s terminology: it might be time to start looking for a Zebra.

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