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What is the difference when calling people a ‘toad’ or a ‘frog’?

Asked by Hibernate (9050points) July 14th, 2011

In the last few days, I watched something. I heard some expressions. They were about people, but they were given “frog” and “toad” names.

What I mean is that most of the ones in their vicinity said they were either toads or frogs. I do know the difference, but I don’t understand why they picked alike animals.

What’s the difference when naming someone a toad or a frog?
And what does it mean aside from the literal approach?

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Toads are fat.

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Maybe the frogs were women?
From frocks (dresses) .

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Toads are a pain in the neck. Frogs are..hard to hold on to?

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I don’t know about toad, but frog is a term often used to disparage the French.

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A Toady is a follower.

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Handling a toad holds the reputation of causing warts. Kissing a frog, at least in fairy tales, means potentially breaking a curse for a young female to find her prince. Thus, describing someone as a ‘toad’ means to expect problems. A ‘frog’ means that there is a possibility in finding the right person if they overlook the physical differences.

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Frogs and toads are the same to me. Both gives me shivers and creeps me out!

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@msbcd it’s cause you have an illogical phobia! However, I guess most of them are illogical. lol

I have actually never heard someone be called a toad before. As said previously, frog is often used as a term for a francophone.

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Aye, a Frenchfrog, it’s what you call a French speaking person, most likely based on the fact that France champions the eating of frog legs. That has seeped out towards all other French speaking people who have nothing to do with France though. I’m not insulting anyone, as I was born in France. I like snails better than frog legs though.

As for ’‘toad’’, I’ve never really heard that being applied to a person either as a slang or an insult, unless it comes from a Conan the Barbarian comic book.

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There is no difference in calling someone a toad OR a frog as their both derogatory name calling no matter how tame they sound. Those who call themselves these words are simply overlooking the sentiment and instead are trying to popularize the once used insult. I’ve heard of many being referred to as a ‘toad’ and as most are confused by it’s intention, it’s just like placing your hand behind your back while shooting the finger, it’s a covert insult..

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@Symbeline That reminds me of National Lampoon’s album cover to That’s Not Funny, That’s Sick (scroll down to see the image.) It is a really crude content-filled album of clips that are basically a precursory to Saturday Night Live.

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First time I ever heard of toad/frog being used derogatorily. They’re so cute.

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Toads are warty with wide mouths? Frogs are slimy? I dunno, if I wanna insult someone I usually don’t go for cute amphibians…

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@redfeather I believe the slimy reply was the answer I was looking for frogs though not in that way.

I’ll wait for a few more toad replies if you wanna share some enlightenment here.

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