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Why does this happen to Linksys while trying to port forward?

Asked by madmax303 (262points) July 14th, 2011

So for minecraft, I am trying to get my friends on my server. I read that you have to use port forwarding and a static IP. The Minecraft wiki suggested to go here
(I have a Linkys WRT54G router)
I then went to the Static IP Address Guide to set up a static IP.
(I have Windows 7)
Everything on that page went well. So I went to the previous page, as it instructed to do so.
I put the internal IP ( into the address bar and then entered the username (blank) and password (admin.)
Heres where it went wrong.
If you look at the webpage, it shows a screenshot of the Linksys thats supposed to show up, but this is what shows up for me

Not everything shows up, and what does show up is in Italian. Ive tried this several times, and this is all I get.

How do I fix this?

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This might give you the page to change to English menus (I assume you want that).

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It says I have to upload a language pack…Where would I get that?

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And also, I have tried this on Google Chrome and Internet Explorer

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If you PM me the IP reported here I will take a look. Don’t post it publicly since you never bothered to lock down your router. I promise to not screw you.

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Maybe you already know this, but you can’t just get a static IP address by configuring your router to point to an arbitrary address of your choosing; you need to get a static IP address from your Internet service provider and then configure the router to point to that. Unfortunately, most providers charge more for a static IP address.

After looking around the Cisco forums for a bit (Linksys is part of Cisco) it looks like you can install the language pack from the setup CD that came with the router, assuming you still have it. Alternately, you can go to the Cisco web site, choose the desired language (for the website) and then download the latest firmware, which allegedly should be set for the language of your choice.

Or, if it’s a WRT54G with version number <5, you could just install OpenWRT and have whatever language you want.

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@koanhead :: Most broadband providers use a mostly static IP. I have had the same one with Comcast for the last 8 months. So going from ***.***.***.*** through port 25565 to what addy they get through DHCP should work. Until they restart and get a LAN IP that is different from DHCP.

And I should just add that a minecraft server is going to suck unless you have great upload and lots of RAM. It runs like shit on my VPS.

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you can’t just get a static IP address by configuring your router to point to an arbitrary address of your choosing

That may refer to the private IP address and the need for the Minecraft server to always have the same 192.168.1.XXX address.

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