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What can I do for a sudden swollen bottom lip?

Asked by Atti (346points) July 14th, 2011

I just returned from the grocery store. My lip started to tingle and
feel numb. By the time I got home, it was starting to swell. I took
Benadryl and put ice on it. Any other suggestions? It is only the
right half of my bottom lip. I wonder if I touched something at the grocery store and transfered it to my lip somehow. I have not eaten anything unusual today.

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I was about to tell you take benadryl and put ice on it. It should resolve in under an hour.

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Could you have gotten bit or stung by an insect?

Ice and benadryl or some other antihystamine. Maybe some chloraseptic spray if you have it.

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Ice on areas affected by edema.

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It could be an allergic reaction to something. I had that happen from a mosquito bite and, another time, from penicillin. I would call the doctor, just so it’s in your medical record. As suggested above, ice and antihistamine should take care of it this time.

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Is it better yet? That happens to me sometimes for no apparent reason??? It usually only lasts a little while and then resolves itself. I assume it must be an insect bite but I never feel the bite. I have also wondered if it was the start of a cold sore, but I have never had one.

Keep us posted, I am curious what happens.

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Was it itchy at all? This happens to me ALOT, one time it lasted over 3 days…. Just have to wait it out sadly. Don’t scratch or itch it at all, keep it clean from dirt and salt (including sweat).

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This situation has resolved itself, finally. Thank you to everyone who answered and offered their advise or experience. I never have had this happen before, but Benadryl, Ice and Chloraseptic spray seemed to help it clear up after about 3 hours.

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This happens to one of my daughters, the lip swelling and occasionally one of her eyes will swell so much it’s almost shut. She’s allergic to damn near everything, so an allergy is a likely cause. Glad the Benadryl did the trick!

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