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Where did the term 'so long' come from?

Asked by truckling (68points) April 29th, 2008 from iPhone

i hear it occasionally as an old school way of saying goodbye

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Do you honestly think anyone knows where all these phrases originated? I’m sure no one has any idea where that specific two word phrase first started.

I’m sorry, just venting, there’s been a lot of “where did this phrase come from?” on here lately…

So long…

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truck, that’s a great question. I love etymology. Here’s what one of my fav sites says:

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Well, I’ve been enlightened as to this etymology stuff.
Sorry about that. But look on the bright side, now we never need to get one of these questions on Fluther again!

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truck, did you ever notice that many parting phrases invoke God? “A Dios”, “A Dieux”, goodbye is supposed to mean “God be with ye”

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john Wayne movies? ;)

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I have it from an authoritative source (my grandpa), that it was the way hookers in the old west would say farewell to their clients.

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it is a very heavy, weighty way to say goodbye. Never thought about it that much. Interesting.

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Where did the term ‘so long’ come from?
The “Male Enhancement” folks!....

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i just remember it from “Sound of Music”

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it came from our ansisters.lolz
dont even know how 2 spell it… dumb am i?

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