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How do you describe wisdom in your own words?

Asked by mattbrowne (31557points) July 15th, 2011

I know it’s not the first wisdom question, but I need some additional ideas for a project I’m working on right now.

Please be creative. Come up with unusual attributes of wisdom. The input could look like

“For me wisdom is…”

A second question is: How strongly is wisdom associated with age?

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Wisdom is attained when one has almost perfected the art of thinking. It will never be perfected however and rightly so, for no person of wisdom would claim perfect wisdom is attainable.

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Wisdom is strength, to know what is right from wrong and to do what is right.

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For me, wisdom is seeing things as they are, undistorted by one’s own delusive thinking.

As for the correlation between wisdom and age, I think we’re born with the kind of wisdom I describe above. It gets masked as we accumulate delusions, buying into all kinds of distorted views about ourselves and the world. The best we can hope for is that we manage to shed some of those delusions later in life and rediscover that primal wisdom. It could, and often does, go the other way, though.

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Wisdom is the accumulation of knowledge and experience, leading to better judgment.

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In the ancient tradition of Socrates, I would suggest that wisdom is knowing what and how much you do not know. “A wise man,” says David Hume, “proportions his belief to the evidence.” And the evidence, as it turns out, is often inconclusive.

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Wisdom is the ability to assemble discrete observable phenomena into a larger integrated context.
The more expansive the integration, the greater the wisdom.

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Wisdom is a multitude of things from street charisma to knowing pure science.

Wisdom isn’t found only on old people but MOST TIMES an older man/woman has the upper hand because of the age and all the life experiences. But a lot of young people now days have some sort of wisdom in some domains. Hardest thing about this is knowing when to use it or talk about it. Most old people just say I’m old thus I’m smart too.[in their own ways]

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You are not born with wisom. It developes through trial and error throughout one’s lifetime.

Some people chose to acknoledge their abundance of wisdom, others ignore it.

Wisom comes from experience and age.

Ask any owl.

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Wisdom comes when thinking subdues passion. It comes with age. Pain is the father of wisdom and love the mother.

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Thank you!

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Wisdom = intelligence and experience; each alone is not enough.

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