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Do you win prizes when you enter raffles, drawings or contests?

Asked by keobooks (14276points) July 15th, 2011

A few years back, there was a drawing for a Wii for everyone who participated in this professional development class. My coworker won. She didn’t seem as thrilled as I expected at winning.

I thought perhaps she didn’t like the Wii as a gift, but she said no, she was excited about that. She just wasn’t over the top about winning itself because she “wins stuff all the time”. She had just won plane tickets a few weeks before. They were random drawings.

I was reading a book called “Living a Charmed Life” and one chapter was about acknowledging your hidden strengths or talents. One woman had the hidden talent of winning things in drawings. She won enough to expect it to happen—and in times of need, she’d expect to win a few drawings or raffles. And she did.

I thought this was weird. I thought statistically, people all had the same chance of winning, and most of our chances hadn’t come up yet. But there seem to be people out there who just win and take it for granted.

So anyone out there one of those people?

Most people I know say that they never win anything.

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My mom used to win stuff all the time! If there was a door prize at a party, she would win it most of the time. She did fairly well with scratch-off lottery tickets, though she never won a big jackpot. She even won something for me once. A five-foot tall blue teddy bear. I was seven and that thing looked huge to me!

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I am one of these people and so is my wife. I have won several televisions, basketball tickets, a case of mens underwear, a blender, a tool box and tools and many other items. I consider these to be a blessing, not luck.

Some people walk through life with an auora of good luck over their head. My wife is one of those people.

At a casion, my wife came running to me to sit and play a certain slot machine. She said the color of the machine attracted her. Sure enough, I played about four dollars in half dollar bets, two at a time. The machine suddenly began to ding and it spit out a cash winning voucher. I almost lost the voucher, as it floated to the floor. I picket it up and was startled to see I had won $1,800.00.

Yes, some people are luckier than others.

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There was one year (2000) in which I won dozens of prizes (maybe one and a half dozen, don’t want to exaggerate), mainly by phoning in on radio quizzes.
I won tickets for the cinema, theatre, an inflatable radio(!), pottery, an umbrella, and more small stuff I can’t recall.
After that year, no more.

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I do not win stuff very often. My sister wins things and is given things (a horse, a car, etc.) all the time.

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I have a tendency to win little prizes in small raffles. Yesterday, I was at a Mary Kay party with some friends and I won a limited edition lip gloss. I also have won many “premium” cards at small card tournaments, but I suspect that is less about luck and more about being a mildly attractive girl in a sea of men who rarely have any contact with women who are not their mothers.

@tedibear: I’m 22 and that bear sounds huge. The again, I’m only a few inches above 5 feet myself…

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Very rarely. Usually I just get on the mailing lists for the spam that is generated by filling out entry forms.

I am currently participating in an ongoing contest where you win points by answering questions or playing games, then use the points to buy entries to win prizes. After 3 months and thousands of points, I haven’t won anything, but it’s fun to play.

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I tend to win small stuff especially in online contests. There is a literary blog that has a contest for a free book once a week- I won 3 times in less than two months. I won a coupon last week on a trivia contest. And a local radio station has private concerts a few times each month, I have won tickets to them about a half dozen times.

I have tried to win the Car Talk Puzzler for years, never been chosen despite getting the answer right.

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No, I am most definitely not one of those charmed life people who wins goodies. :(

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I won a cheesy DeWalt hat for drilling the most screws in a board in a specified time. It was a DeWalt tool promo. Would’ve been cool if I had won the drill but all i got was this stupid hat.

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I once won all the M&Ms because I was the only one smart enough to draw a line from her name to her guess. There were guesses closer to the actual number of M&Ms but they couldn’t identify the guesser due to a disorganized list. Mmmm! Only thing I’ve ever won.

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Considering the amount of time spent in participating, I’d say that the chances of winning are okay. Prizes have included a Barbie doll, three cakes in a cakewalk game at a fair, a few door prizes, a small monetary amount for being “Most Improved” on a bowling league, and a cheap plastic trophy for helping a co-worker up off of the bowling alley floor when she stepped over the line and slipped on the oily surface while everyone else stood around laughing.

There was also the blue fox fur coat that I won in a fishbowl drawing at a local shop. I had to claim it on the annual tax report and only wore it twice before giving it away.

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