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Do you have a signature color?

Asked by Blueroses (18225points) July 15th, 2011

Is there a shade that makes you smile every time you see it? Or makes you radiate confidence when you wear it?

I think it’s different from “favorite” color. What is your inspirational color?

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Mine’s a certain shade of yellow – even though I can’t wear it coz it makes me look sallow. Works like an upper i.e. it never fails to lift my spirits. I also have a minor signature color i.e. periwinkle blue that’s calming and soothing

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Seafoam green or vintage cream.

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My power color is green by day, and purple by the night.

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Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Emooooooooooooooooooo-shun.

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Spring green

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I like purple and green together. Does that make me weird?

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Purple or black.
Purple makes me feel happy, black makes me feel confident.

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@Dutchess_III Purple and green together is actually one of my very favorite combinations. Alaskan Fireweed

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Orange was my favorite color for a long time, and I have a lot of great clothes in orange and brown tones. I think very few people like the color orange, so I felt the style was somewhat unique and I liked that.

Green, to me, is the color of healing. I had my first bout of very bad sickness during the winter. If you’ve ever experienced an upstate New York winter, you know how depressing this is. It’s gray and dismal and cold for months and months. My healing corresponded with the coming of spring; I felt almost reborn alongside nature as the first tinges of green returned to the world. This is a pretty powerful symbolic connection to me.

And finally, my favorite color now is a very specific shade of bluish purple of which I rarely see good examples. The closest thing in nature I’ve ever seen that matches my favorite color is the flower larkspur (and even the photograph doesn’t portray the color quite right). It’s not so much a “signature” color, but I see that specific shade so rarely that when I do see it, I get very excited. :D

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Interesting that green seems to predominate here.

Aerosmith had a song called ‘Pink’, btw. Dumbest song ever. But they were so fantastic because before that they came out with things like Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Emooooooooooooooooooo-shun. Because they were so great the song Pink actually got some airtime.

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I love really vibrant greens and pinks and rich, saturated blues. When I wear something in those colors, I feel like I absorb their properties and reflect them. It’s odd how changing shirts can change my attitude sometimes.

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@Blueroses I know what you mean. There’s actually a real study in which they tell you how wearing different colours have a different affect on your attitudes and abilities.

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It depends on my mood what colors I like. Sometime bright, sometimes pastels, sometimes white.

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Black. Half of my closet is black. Just makes me feel classy and sophisticated.

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….What color is the other half @redfeather?

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Please say translucent, please say translucent, please say translucent…

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Bright day-glow orange is my favorite color. Orange is also the main color of the very powerful Spanish cycling team “Euskaltel Euskadi”. I love to wear orange while out on the roads jogging and cycling. They command the attention of others. I feel safer, more confident and even stronger wearing orange. I’ve got orange shoes, hats, t-shirts, sweats, and wind-breakers.

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Sorry, @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard lol @Dutchess_III just a mix of other colors that I never wear. I’m always in black.

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Pink… makes the boys wink, tee hee!
Err, ahem, yeah I like yellow!

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My husband does too. I don’t get it.

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Green and black.

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I love all the greenies here. My signature color has long been green, and, in particular, a light sage green is most flattering on me. I love color—you need only visit my home or office to see that. And as I type, I’m seeing flashes of that primary green polish that was painted on my nails yesterday, purely on a whim.

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The only instance in which I have a signature colour is pen ink. I prefer to use green pens when correcting papers at the Writing Center because the colour stands out and it is not as intense as red. Otherwise, I gravitate toward blue and purple often because those shades make me feel calm, happy, and the latter also promotes LGBT awareness.

Overall, I suppose I am a fan of cooler colours than warm ones.

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I like yellow but I am always inspired by green… but I do not like green. Though yellow [chalk colour] on green was the best combination for the blackboard.

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I would say pink, but very specific shades of pink such as the color inside of a ruby red grapefruit and the color of fuschia flowers (not hot pink or neon pink, but still very bright). I have a lot of clothes (even a pair of sandals) in that color and it just looks good on me. Also, the color of strawberry ice cream.

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Manchester City blue xD

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Bye Bye Tevez!

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Purple, emerald or forest green, and a blue-red (not an orange-red). Purple is my favorite.

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Black. It’s my signature color and I can dress it up in so many ways.

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I’m plum crazy. I love all the shades of violet, and they love me.

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Oh wow…my house and clothes are a variety of colors, hard to say.
I look good in almost any color other than bright red, cranberry or certain shades of green. I don’t like the conservative colors other than black. Navy and gray suck.

I LOVE browns!

My living room is black, brown, india red and gold with a cream border on my vintage persian rug.
My bedroom is retro bright yellow, turquoise and a twisted 70’s shade of green. It looks great! haha
My bathroom is brown and turquoise blue with brown bamboo mats.
My kitchen is kinda retro greens, oranges and black.

I’m all over the color map.

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Red. Red. Red. I love red. I wear red. I have a red mousepad and red document trays in my office and a red flowered plant on my windowsill. I have a big red wall in my loungeroom. Red sheets. I think…....... I like red!

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I love that blue blue color of the brilliant sky right before sunset! It never fails to lift my spirits. This is what I mean:

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Stormy Ocean Blue, so hard to capture but I got to see it once when thrown over board ended up 50 ft underwater and then looking up, it was so beautiful and peaceful.

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Color the makes me smile everytime I see it: Money Green.

Color I feel good wearing: Black.

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I love pink and black. I don’t wear pink, but the colour does make me smile a lot. I guess black is a trademark colour of mine since it fills a lot of my wardrobe, although these days, I’d probbaly wear a shirt I found in a parking lot if it wasn’t too wet, no matter the colour.

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@Earthgirl yes. that’s the saturated blue I was referring to.

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Sage green for looking at, and California poppy orange. for wearing.

maybe I just like native plants :)

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How did I miss this?

Same as Fiddle. Also, I dig depression glass blue.

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