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Does it seem like games today don't have nearly as many cheats as games 5-10 years ago?

Asked by jaded88 (116points) April 29th, 2008 from iPhone

I have a ps3 and I can’t find very many cheats for the games I have, it seems like games use to have a ton of cheats, right?

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I think it’s cause of how rigorous the testing process is to be honest. Every cheat is essentially a new feature, and cheats have a way of breaking the rules of the game in such a way that things can freak out and crash I would imagine. So they need to get playtested and debugged before they can ship them. With most games running in the tens of millions to make these days and they always seem to be behind schedule, it’s hard to convince the project manager or whoever to spend time and energy on “extras.”

Plus a lot of the cheats back in the day revolved around infinite continues/extra lives and these days you pretty much always have infinite lives. Frankly I’m most concerned with the idea of paid cheats like EA’s been trying to push onto us. I’m not sure about the PS3, but on the Xbox 360 they want you to spend xbox live credits to get things that should be free. Bunch of greedy corporate assholes if you ask me. I hope to hell that never catches on. Anyways, I totally feel where you’re coming from though since using the cheats was one of the coolest parts of videogames back in the day. I’ve wasted I don’t know how many hours clowning around in golden eye for the n64.

edit: I do realize that N64 doesn’t count as “back in the day.” I was a proud owner of a sega master system at one point (even had the 3d glasses).

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I was actually really happy when i played halo and found out there were no cheats for it. I think it made the game better and made you feel more accomplished when you actually did legendary on your own instead of having to fight that urge to just put in god mod to get past the hard parts..

@gorillapaws im there with ya on golden eye countless hours.

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But without the cool cheats I end up getting soo bored with games.

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It’s all about Contra.

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Yea i do agree. Depends on the type of game i think for me. Like i wouldnt want god mode/infinite ammo etc. in a shooter its boring after that. But i think there can/should be some just random cool codes kind of like what the skulls do in halo. On the other hand god mode/infinite ammo etc. is fun in games like GTA where you just go on these big sprees.

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Cheating has all become an online thing now like glitching into spots where you cant be shot and glitching into spots where you cant be seen. I play xbox360 online a ton and a glitch on almost every map I play. I don’t do them of course in ranked matches but when playing with friends it is good times.

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I think we’re talking about cheats rather than the issue of hacking, but I find games can be ravaged by hacking. Particularly psp games, more so that consoles (maybe because kids are too lazy to carry their ps2 over to their computer rather than their psp, who knows). Hacking is a real problem, and they can’t create new security measures fast enough to keep up with all of the Dark Alexes of the world.

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Meh, I never cared for cheating. I would much rather accomplish the task on my own. The only game I ever really liked cheating on, was GTA3. I mean, that was a blast, and I wasn’t about to waste 4 days getting all the ammo and armor I needed for a 20 minute killing spree, lol.
And glitching is annoying as hell.

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its a video game, I don’t feel acomplished
Either way

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