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Why won't my laptop connect to the internet?

Asked by sakura (8267points) July 15th, 2011

Ok so when I click on the internet it won’t show any web pages. When I check the wireless connection it says it has full signal strength and that it is fully connected. I have checked the LAN settings and run countless diagnostic checks that seem fruitless in their reward! Please help I am running out of patience!
I am not very technically minded so not sure what other details to put, if you need to know anything else to ais my quest let me know and I’ll try to answer!

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First reboot your computer, after you reboot wireless router, after your modem. READ BELOW

So shut everything down and start at the modem and turn everything back on.
Wait four or five minutes ( use a clock don’t guess ) between each step of starting back-up. Until you start your computer.

If that doesn’t work call your ISP provider.

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Thanks for the quick response @Tropical_Willie but sorry could you break that down even more?
Start the modem? I thought this started automatically?

I have shut everything off but it still doesn’t work.

I’m sorry but I am totally thick when it come to things like this!

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Your computer is the last thing to turn on. Steps MUST have a WAIT or REST between starts.

Tthe wireless router (may have short antenna) , which is connected by wire to the modem, (wire end may look like a telephone cord ) Modem has round wire from wall and power cord.

Does that help? ?

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Have you been paying your bills?

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It’s a wireless connection, the connection is switched on, on the laptop, and as stated it is recognising the signal and that I have a signal but it won’t show a web page. The modem is switched on.

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Tropical Willie is saying regardless of it being wireless you need to

> unplug the modem
> wait
> plug it back in
> wait
> unplug the router
> wait
> plug it back in
> wait
> restart your computer

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Have you opened “Network sharing center” and run the “troubleshoot problems” program?

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Ahh thanks @funkdaddy for translating…that makes more sense!! I will try that :) and thanks to @Tropical_Willie for suggesting it :)

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