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About how much do you think a mechanic would make at a Lexus dealership?

Asked by chelle21689 (7008points) July 15th, 2011

How much would you make after taxes if you have been working there for 3 years, work 54 hours a week, and it is at a lexus dealership.

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About $30K per year or about $2500 a month.

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Where are YOU?

It makes a difference.

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Depends on the dealership, where you live, and your experience. Some pay better than others. I know some shops here the mechanics are paid by the job.

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Luxury dealerships will typically have specialized mechanics who need to be trained, certified, and have continuing education requirements just like people in medical fields. Those guys can make quite a bit ($60—$90k+)...

Dealerships also have lots of other positions that would also be called “mechanics”, and would make significantly less. It really just depends on the person, their experience, and their position.

If you’re just looking for a range I’d guess $30–90k before taxes, which leaves a huge range.

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You have to calculate an approximate hourly wage x 54. Figure that if the person is working an extra 14 hours per week, it may be OT or it may be just part of his salary. Depends also on his experience and where in the country we’re talking about. Any major metro area like NY/CT/NJ tri-state or LA will be more than any other.

Do you like someone and you’re trying to figure out what he makes?

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Columbus, Ohio!

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I know at my Nissan dealer some “mechanics” just do oil changes and tire stuff, and some do the tough stuff. Which is he?

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Well, I’m not a gold digger but I’m not gonna lie I’m curious how much my bf makes. I’ve been seeing him for 6 months and I think it’s rude to ask LOL

I know he does big stuff like taking out the transmission and replacing it, fixing it, etc..the more difficult things…definitely more than just an oil change.

I know he did go to a career center for it. He loves cars soo he knows how to fix a lot of things.

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Local dealers are paying $12 / hour up to $ 20 / hour with time and half for over 40 hours . Math works out to about $24,000 to $41,000 per year after taxes. Specialists can make more if they have extra certificates like body work or electrical or transmission repair.

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All the guys I’ve been out with, even though I never asked them how much they made and they never asked me how much I made, we usually would have an idea of what each other made, or offer the info without being asked. I’m pretty open with that stuff if I feel trusting of the person, and I would think after 6 months you guys might open up about info like that.

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What he makes will depend on
1. His training and certifications – apparently that looks good
2. The work he’s asked to do – and apparently he’s working on the higher-tech stuff
3. The dealership – and “Lexus” doesn’t mean as much as “the owner” (and the condition of the place – if it’s spic and span clean, shipshape and high-polish, then that’s a good sign, too)
4. How good a starting salary he negotiated and any prior experience he had. If this is his first job, then he may be working for relatively less than others in the comparable position, but paid less simply because it’s his first job.

But all told, I would think that he’s earning an above-average salary, and with the overtime he should be making a decent income.

But that’s just “income”. Then there’s the question of how he lives and any debts and obligations he has:
1. Student loans
2. Rent (even if he lives with his parents)
3. Insurance premiums – and car payments, if he felt rich and bought a new car, for example
4. Other obligations – does he have any children that you know of, whether with an ex-wife or ex-girlfriend? Child support is very expensive, and more so if he’s making good money.

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Is he nice to you? Does he cry about debt all the time?

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He doesn’t have student loans but will be starting school soon, he’s 21 and lives with parents but pays half of his mom’s rent (I live with my parents too I’m 22), he has a nice car lol, and no ex gf or kids. He seems to not spend his money and splurge but knows how to spend wisely.

My ex bf of 5½ years wasn’t good with money and I had to pay for everything =\.

Anyways with this guy he is good.

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He can’t have that much experience being only 21, but on the plus side, hopefully he saves money other than paying half the mom’s rent.

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