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Since there seems to be a growing number of words off-limits to use while fluthering, let's come up with acronyms to get around this problem.

Asked by snowberry (23172points) July 15th, 2011

This idea is in response to these two questions: and

As Kayak8 said, “I think you can use the “B” word if you point out that it is actually an acronym for “Boys, I’m Taking Charge Here!”

I’m not sure if I should have put this in Meta or in Social, but I intend this to be fun!


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what are the off-limit words? I swear all the time

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BPNGMMAS – Bitch, please! Now go make me a sandwich.

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Apparently the acronym for Boys I’m Taking Charge Here is one. Go read the answers to the questions I put up there, and you’ll understand. Sorry they are a bit long.

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I love this Q :D

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Shit! I didn’t know there were off limit words! Son of a bitch! Learn something new every day!

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I am not good at solving acronyms.

If you were to choose masked messages like an acrostic then I could find some.
Though the viability of simpling the acronym differs.

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Now @Dutchess! Now I’m gonna have to flag you! Shame! This question is Acronymville!

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Tch, @Dutchess_III. I think you mean SIDKTWOLWSOBLSNED. If you don’t spell your acronyms correctly, how in the world will we ever communicate?

One could argue that you really ought to say SIDKTWOLWSOABLSNED. And then we could have a lovely flutherous debate over the rules for forming acronyms. Won’t that be fun?

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O, I did spell it wrong! WFADASWH!

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Yeah, @Dutchess_III, pay attention! BPNGMMAS ~

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“no onions”?

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Smoftq ... gosh.

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No Orangutans.

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@bob_ What if the bitch says “No, go get it yourself”?

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LTHGMASA Laughing This Hard Gives Me A Side Ache

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Oh… we need to explain it. So Much Observers For This Questions. [see ? I got it good].

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Cannot understand naughty text….oh dear, a slight anomoly there.

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You can use cuss words on Fluther, so those posts must have been modded for something else.

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Mod here. You can cuss all you want here, you just can’t use hate speech or personal attacks.

For example, I can say GODDAMN CUNTFUCK SHITBALLS JESUS DICK and be ok.

I can’t, however, say @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard, YOU ARE SO FULL OF GODDAMN CUNTFUCK SHITBALLS JESUS DICK.

Words that constitute “hate speech” are exactly what you think they are. They are banned in any case and shouldn’t be used anyway.

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Come on, @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard You have to put that all in an acronym, or I’ll have you modded!

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And because of all your talents, please make it a good one.

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Is it God damn or Goddamn? Because, that makes a difference for acronyms.

I’d like to submit IGYASABFIGTWMAWI: I’ll get you a sandwich asshole but first I’m going to wipe my ass with it.

Hope I spelled that right! If not, feel free to KMA! :)

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And I’d like to submit AGNIMSASMS: Atta girl, now iron my shirt and shine my shoes :)

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I say goddamn, but “GD” is often a meaningful substitute. What a dilemma, @MissAusten.

I also think “attagirl” is one word.

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You can’t use the four letter ‘D’ word, or the five letter ‘P’ word, nor can you use the four letter ‘B’ word. You can use the four letter ‘S’ and ‘F’ word. You can never use the four letter ‘C’ word one and maybe not the 10 letter ‘C’ word. The other four letter ‘D’ word you can use, as well as the other five letter ‘P’ word. You can certainly use the seven word compound ‘F’ word. If you didn’t get all of that seven letter compound ‘F’ word and the horse you road in on! LOL LOL LOL

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@bob_ DUMMB—>Don’t you miss me Bob…
@Hypocrisy_Central I added an extra M JIC.

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RSAYSMAYG6GQ? (Really @snowberry after you stole my answer you get 6 good questions?)

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Hey @Kayak8 I gave you full credit, didn’t I? Actually I would have given you far more lurve than I had the ability to bestow for your answer. It’s had me chuckling all night. :o))

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@snowberry but you didn’t even give me a GA on the original in the other thread . . . what’s a girl to do . . .

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@Kayak8 I didn’t? I’d better fix that rightaway. So sorry! SS

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Fuck = Fuck. :)

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STDISD = Sexually Transmitted Disease Infected Spotted Dick.

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ISTATLNPP = I saw tits at the last nekked pancake party.

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@erichw1504 ISTATTITMBFD = I see them all the time in the mirror BFD! : )

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Shut The Fuck Up.

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