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Would you have sex with your husband / wife boss to save his / her job?

Asked by Hibernate (9050points) July 15th, 2011

I saw a movie today and someone did it. I was wondering if in the real world this would happen often.

Discuss it please.

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Nope but I sure would find a way to take them to court for proposing it!

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No no. If it’s the last thing to do. And I don’t believe a judge would see this fit for a lawsuit [he’s smile then send you guys home ^^].

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It would depend what my wife’s boss’ wife looks like. Actually my wife’s boss is a woman and I can’t picture me having sex with her, besides, my wife is considering quitting anyway. I love my wife but some sacrifices are too much.

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And this applies only if you are into the same sex relations OR if the boss is in the oposite sex category.

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I’m not married, but I do know someone who sadly had to do it.
When she told me, it woke me up to the fact just how hard things are out there.

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Nope. Not ever.

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No, I would not. Even if the spouse asked me to, I would not be willing to do it. I would be willing to secretly tape the conversation in order to bust the boss.

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Well, the wife’s boss is a burly fiftysomething named Brenda who owns her very own moustache & knuckle duster… that’ll be a no then.

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At my age, I don’t think that would have any influence over anybody, although I’d be willing to give it a go.

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In real life, that scenario is cause for a sexual harrassment lawsuit. No matter whether the husband/wife is attractive or not.

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No. And not just because my husband’s boss looks like a really overweight version of Bill Gates either. My husband has a good job, but there is no way he would want me to do that and no way that I would.

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Absolutely no way. No job is worth saving to lower yourself to that level.

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My husband is his own boss…............ so yes.

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Having a job means that one day, some day, somehow, you’ll eventually get screwed by the boss.

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Nope. Even if he was extremely hot looking, I would not. In the end it will destroy my self respect and his respect for me and my respect for him since he would have to agree. You wouldn’t have a spouse at the end of the day, and he would eventually quit because he would feel like a worthless worm. So you end up with no job, and no marriage. It would be a losing situation.
Only the boss will win. He would get the guy to quit and so he doesn’t have to pay unemployment and he gets the bonus of sleeping with someone he wanted to sleep with.

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No way…. No job is worth that… or your wife/husband asking you to have sex with boss is worth it.

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@Citychick8 No kidding. Just your spouse asking would be reason enough to leave. If a husband would be willing to pimp out his wife for a job, he wouldn’t be much of a man in the first place.No matter what the situation is, pimping someone out makes the person a pimp. Especially if its someone you are suppose to care about.

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This applies in those situations where the boss asks the wife/husband without the employee knowing.

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No but I’d make sure the media found out about it.

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No thanks,I’ll starve.

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I’m sorry my husband’s boss? no

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No and I hope that my partner would never expect me to. Jobs can be replaced, it’s not always easy to find another job but there is support for people in the period between jobs (at least where my partner and I live). Now, if it was to save his life then that would be a different story.

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My girlfriend’s ‘boss’ is her mother.

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@rebbel Ha ha!! I dare you to share this question with your girlfriend and see what she has to say about it.

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@Pied_Pfeffer Sorry for my belated reply, I just came back from a threesome :-)

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