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What can you suggest to handle this problem in my condo complex?

Asked by AshlynM (9903points) July 15th, 2011

The HOA is fully aware of all issues going on and the town’s police have also been notified.

Newsletters have been sent out to all residents concerning the issues at hand and several parents of the kids involved with these incidents have been spoken to.

Long story short, kids in my condo complex have been vandalizing and causing mayhem within the community.

This isn’t just simple graffiti. They’ve been purposely messing with people’s electrical disconnect on the outside of the units, the air condition units, going into abandoned condos, they’ve even gone so far as to set someone’s shoes on fire by their front door.

There are many more problems they’ve been causing so my question is, what do you think can be done to remedy this situation?

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I would suggest for the group to get together to vote on a surveillance system. Everyone will vote yes to catch the vandals (except the guilty parties). And this will provide you with video evidence so that you can press charges.

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That sounds like a good idea and I’m all for it but not so sure the HOA will approve. I’ve been wanting to install a video security camera on my building but I need HOA approval.

I’m not exactly scared but extremely nervous that eventually they’ll do something to me or my car or my personal belongings. I’ve already taken all my stuff from my porch into the condo. Seems silly to be afraid of some kids but not so much when you know the type of things they’ve done. It’s really getting out of control

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Kids are inherently stupid. One of them will get caught sooner or later and he’s gonna sing.

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Leave your door open, tempt one to come in and do something in your house, shoot him.

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I changed my mind do what MrRich724 said lol

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“I’ve been wanting to install a video security camera on my building but I need HOA approval.”

Really? Even if the cameras are hidden or not visible from the street?

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If the HOA denies your request for cameras, as them if they are going to assume the liability for damage to your personal property.

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@mrrich724 scares me a little.

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Get the “4 oh” involved and have them patrol more often.

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Here are a couple of choices for you
1)Go to the farm store and buy a 15 mile electric fence controller. Then wire it to something metal on your porch.
2)Buy a trail camera at a sporting goods store for $120. Get one with IR lighting so it will work in total darkness.
3)Buy a driveway announcer at Harbor freight for $15. If anyone enters your porch, the buzzer will ring and you can respond accordingly.
Don’t tell HOA. One of the troublemakers is a kid of a HOA member. Just do it.

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“Buy a trail camera at a sporting goods store for $120. Get one with IR lighting so it will work in total darkness. ”

We did this when our house was on sale, as we lived in a rural location and had lots of lookie-loos. It worked like a charm- got pictures of every license plate that visited the place.

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sorry @chyna didn’t mean to frighten you. . . i was kinda kidding… LOL

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This post perfectly states why I will never be a part of an HOA.

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@crisw I use the trail camera to see what critters are doing what damage. My bird feeders were being taken down and emptied every night Frequently they were smashed. I thought it was deer. Turns out is was raccoon. I wrapped metal window screen around the pole and wired to to 110V so they would get a shock if they climbed up the pole. Works great.

@AshlynM The trail camera would provide evidence that you could give to the police. You can also make a bogus Facebook page anonymously and mention the kids names damage they did police response. Post pictures on FB of them doing damage and tag it with their names.
Get together with one other neighbor you can trust to keep his mouth shut and agree that your job is to make their lives as miserable as possible.

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I used my trail camera to take some pictures of the local coyotes when I was still in Jamul. I put out some stinky old fish that my husband had left in the freezer as bait. I was very surprised that my camera caught some pictures of a big, fat raccoon- I had never seen a raccoon in 10 years of living there and we were quite far from any water sources. I just set up the camera on our Washington property and will be back to take it down in a month and a half- it will be like Christmas to see what it’s taken pictures of :>)

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@crisw Tons of fun isn’t it? I got some shots of a turkey vulture taking a care of a dead squirrel. Fox, deer, possum, raccoon,
I set it up to take 4 shots, 4 seconds apart. Then pause for one minute and reset.
What an invention!

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