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How to get iPhoto to preserve album sequence when burned to a CD?

Asked by PupnTaco (13865points) April 29th, 2008 from iPhone

There’s apparently a known issue with iPhoto not honoring album image order after being burned to a CD. Anyone have a workaround?

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1) Select the album you want to burn to a CD
2) Click File… Export
3) On the Export Photos dialog, click the File Export button
4) To maintain the original order of your slide show you must select Use Album Name for the Name. What this does is to actually rename the images Album_Name-1, Album_Name-2, Album_Name-3, ect.
5)Click on the Export button, and select the folder you want to put them in.

Once the images are exported, insert a blank CD, and once the CD mounts on your Desktop drag the exported images into the CD and then burn

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