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How much or how little of a bikini/swimsuit have you ever been in at the gym, beach, swim park, public pool, etc?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) July 15th, 2011

Thinking back to this question here, I was thinking what is the least the collective been in bikini wise. I know there had to be some of the fellows in Speedos but societal wise women usually show more skin. Seeing there are way more different styles in women swimwear than men, I wondered what women felt comfortable wearing, was it closer to this, or closer to this one? [ Possibly NSFW for some ] as your choice incumbent to societal pessures? The swimwear you wore were you physically comfortable, and were you equally mentally comfortable, such as not feel as if you had 10,000 eyes on you? As concern number one in scoring a great tan?

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I’ve worn a speedo before. After hitting puberty, even.


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Dammit Fiddle, when I saw the .jpg extension I got excited for a sec =/

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard If you have a body that put together to look good in a Speedo I hate you now…....OK, OK not really but I am insanely jealous.

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@Hypocrisy_Central How about you let the collective be the judge? Post a pic!

<throws a handful of single’s at Hypo’s feet, whistling>

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@Hypocrisy_Central can I giggle a bit? :))

And I usually use trunks there. [same for the pool]

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@FutureMemory A guy would never be in a Speedo unless he looked like Michelangelo’s David or a bodybuilder with ripped muscles.

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It was a string bikini. It was great for tanning purposes, but lousy for swimming, especially in the ocean. There wasn’t anything comfortable about it, other than covering a few bits.

It eventually was retired, except for when the three older sisters were pregnant. We would have them put it on and pose for photos with their big belly showing. I look forward to scanning those old photos and sending them to the nieces and nephews.

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This is in the more not less category. I get a rash instead of a sun tan, so I really cover up. The last time I went swimming was in Bali and I wore a sweat shirt material overalls and a sweat shirt over it. I couldn’t really swim because the fabric got waterlogged and kept pulling me down. I still enjoyed the water. But when the afternoon was over, I had a bright red skin rash on my feet. Forgot to cover them.

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@FutureMemory Why did I look? I should have known. That was sooooooo, sooooo wrong. And I was having a snack, I am lucky I didn’t lose it. :-P


@Hypocrisy_Central, please don’t hate me. ;)

I swim a lot, competitively in my college years, and even now I swim almost every weekend in winter, and every other day in summer. And when I swim, I always wear Speedos. Yeah, those skimpy, brief-like Spandex things. I got a pretty good physique, so all the dimensions are in the right place and in the right proportions! Lol.

My fav is my dark navy Speedo.

In the summer, I take my family to a secluded lake by our cottage up in the forests, far from the city. My family and I swim naked in the cold lake every summer. It’s really refreshing and invigorating——at first my teeth chatters because the water’s so cold (about 45 to 50 F.), but I soon get used to it and my muscles flex and warm up. There’s no one around, or at least I don’t think there is. I’m just worried about somebody spying! Ha.

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@MRSHINYSHOES My family and I swim naked in the cold lake every summer. Mixed genders? If so get ready for them to hurl rotten fruit at you Hee hee


@Hypocrisy_Central Lol. What I mean is that me, my wife, and my two little girls all swim naked in that small lake at our cottage. Yes, both sexes. That’s how they do it in Japan, though I’m only half Japanese. Lol.

God, the water’s frigid, but the children enjoy it a lot, more than I do. At first, my body muscles get all tense, my teeth chatter crazily, and my brain freezes. But after about 15 minutes, it’s wonderful. And when you swim in the lake for more than an hour and then come out, the air feels more cold than the water, and you want to go right back in! Lol.

Um, when I swim naked at that lake, I’m just afraid that another family might be passing by, or that some mischievous kids might spy on us from afar in the forest! Nah, rotten fruit doesn’t scare me. Prying eyes do!

But I love wearing Speedos when I swim in a public pool like I always do. I know, it’s skin tight and “revealing”, but I do have the body for it. Now don’t hate me for it, okay? Lol.

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@MRSHINYSHOES You are my buddy, if I win the lotto you, Future, Ladymia, Blueroses, KatetheGreat, Blondejon are going to be flown out for a big pow wow. The list is sure to grow, am just thinking Yankees get the heebie jeebies when they think of adults and kids naked in the same space; hence the rotten fruit being thrown.


@Hypocrisy_Central I consider you my wonderful buddy, and if I won the lottery, I would most definitely take you where you want to go. Seriously.

Lol.. Well maybe here in America. I’m 100 percent American, but I do like to dabble in my heritage once in awhile, and swimming naked with the opposite sex is one of them. You get a different sort of high, especially in icy cold water. Snark, snark! ;)

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In my teenage years, a black string bikini similar to this one. It was good for catching boys eyes, but not much else. I mean, I swam and dove in it, but I always had to readjust before coming up out of the water again. Between then and now, I’ve alternated between more modest 2 piece sporty suits and one-piece tanks. These days, I’m a tankini kind of girl (with a regular bikini bottom… none of that skirted stuff for me.)

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@augustlan exy, better than the black number @FutureMemory came up with. [ ooooooww my eyes still burn! ] would have been sneaking peeks. No skirty stuff? But some of them would make good tennis outfits. Maybe you should try the see thru micro bikinis, that will get them looking. :-)

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^^ That is NOT going to happen! :p

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@augustlan Oh, don’t be a fuddy duddy, I bet you have never seen one unless you vacationed recently in Rio LOL LOL :-D :-D

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I’ve worn a thong on a dare,but it’s usually bikinis like this the boobs,not so much…. XD

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I personally was a big fan of the monokini. I am a modest person but I’m not going to ignore fashion either! Its gives the perfect balance and it stays in place quite well. I would not wear anything less however- no way no how!

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I usually opt for the standard string bikini. I wouldn’t mind wearing a thong or going topless if I was at the appropriate beach.


@Hypocrisy_Central Wished all bikinis were see thru micro——not too see thru, however, gotta leave a bit to the imagination. :D

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For some reason, I’ve always been a ridiculous prude about this. I’ve never been comfortable showing much skin, and the swimming suit I’ve worn throughout high school covers from just below my shoulders all the way down to my upper thighs. It’s not a moral thing; I think no less whatsoever of girls who choose to expose a lot of skin, it’s just something I’ve personally not been comfortable with. Part of it has to do with the fact that I am ludicrously pale so that I glow in the sunlight, and it would be about 10x worse in a bikini because my stomach and upper thighs never see the light of day and are even whiter than the rest of me.

This year, I am finally ready to let go of all that insecurity. I saw a bikini I liked the other day, which is a rare occurrence, so I jumped on the opportunity and bought it. It’s a little weird that I’m able to let go of that insecurity now of all times, now that my belly is so scarred, but I don’t feel shame in scars, scars show what I’ve been through…and I’m ready to celebrate that, I guess.

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@Facade How would you know you were on the appropriate beach?

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@Hypocrisy_Central I think there are certain well-known beaches where it’s acceptable to go topless or be nude. You can go topless at Miami beach. Other than that, I guess you’d just have to try it and see =)

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@Facade WHAT!?!?! Miami!?! That is still the contiguous 48 states. Maybe during Spring Break I could guess, but at any time at all, I don’t see them being that easy-going, they were/are a Bush state you know.

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