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Ever show up in a Craigslist 'Missed Connection'?

Asked by Kay (1608points) April 30th, 2008

I was talking to one of my friends in SF and he makes fun of this cafe there where everyone sits around on their laptops writing about the missed connections with all of the other people there, heh. It seems like a random thing and I was wondering if anyone had ever recognized themselves in one of the missed connections and if anything came of it.

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No, my friend thinks she has. Some are pretty funny, though. I wonder if I started doing one a day, just for fun, if and how quickly I would get a response.

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Never, but it is a really awesome concept that is so unique to the site. I’ve had friends post things, but with no response!

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Our local weekly paper has a “I saw you” section. One night I got bored and a little drunk and had them add one for me. It went something like this “Saw you outside Smith Family on 13th street Friday afternoon. I was wearing glasses and you were on a bike. You almost hit me. I thought you were cute. Maybe you would like to apologize over a cup of coffee?”

While it was a completely made up situation I wanted to see if anyone would respond. And people did. Actually, seven people did. I was really shocked by that. I never responded to any of the people.

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never did but the funniest one i’ve read was titled, “I miss my little gorilla man”

It went along the lines you were a little hairy thing but you flattered me at the coffee shop. I’d look past all the hairy to be with you.

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Funny question. Of course, even answering “no” sort of implies that one follows it regularly enough to feel like they’d know.

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@Zaku, heh, that’s true! I never really saw the point in it; I mean, if someone really likes you that much why don’t they say just say hi instead of posting something to a random website?

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@Kay: I don’t know the history or original reasoning behind it (might be interesting), but for most people I assume it’s just another two-word category “Missed Connections” they respond to, maybe after seeing what others are doing there. There are several ways people try to use it. Some are stopping themselves (as you observed), or confused, or even directly asking for advice. Others are playing games. Some are making jokes. Some don’t have contact info. Some are venting, etc.

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i have a couple of friends who have found themselves on there. its fun!

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