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Have you ever seen anyone wearing the same outfit as you when you're out in public?

Asked by AshlynM (9458points) July 16th, 2011

Or if they’re not then have you seen someone wearing the same outfit you have at home in your closet?

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Number of years ago, I went to work with a new short sleeve sport shirt and pair of pants I just bought.

Got to work and went to a meeting, the guy two seats down from me was wearing an identical shirt and similar colored slacks. We both had a laugh. Because it was one of the ladies at the meeting that noticed the similarities.

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I was at a re union with some friends of mine a few years back and my best friend appeared wearing an identical brown check shirt to the one I was wearing. It was a bit spooky as it was an unusual pattern and colour. We both changed shortly after.

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Ugh yes. I hate it when that happens, don’t you? haha
I was at an amusement park / water park and this other girl had the same Beatles shirt on as me.
Because I’m a girl I got mad haha. I’m sure if I were a guy I’d probably go talk to them and say “cool shirt” or something lame like that.

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I was in a casino a couple of years ago in Vegas and this woman had on the exact pale blue sweatpants outfit my mom had bought for me as a gift. It had the same design and cut at the bottom of the pant leg and everything. I wasn’t wearing it at the time, but I still thought it was odd.

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My sister and I had not seen each other for over a year and when we met up we both had on the same outfit and the exact same haircut. (we both change our hairstyles often.)

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A girl and I passed each other in the hallways at school wearing the same green long-sleeved shirt that had lace
detail around the collar and I just said, “hey that looks cute on you!” and she laughed and said, “looks better on you!” and we just kept walking.

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It used to happen all the time before I left the military.

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@WestRiverrat Ha ha!!!

Yes, my supervisor and I showed up for work more than once in the same suit from the same store. We both got a laugh out of it.

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Other than jeans, I can say no. I tend to buy blouses that are a bit quirky.

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I do not wear outfits. I just grab whatever is available and all of it is cheap and old. It is quite unlikely that anyone on this planet will ever wear the same as I.

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If you shop at Walmart you are bound to see this, every day. FYI, guys don’t wear “outfits”

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My best friend, who lives in another city, and I will often show up to meet each other (having not discussed our clothes at all) wearing almost identical outfits. We both love the same colors and styles of clothing. It’s very funny and it has happened more often than not.

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Whenever I shop at H&M I’m aware that my entire outfit was formerly purchased there. I see that other shoppers are guilty of this as well, and maybe are wearing identical garments. At least we’re loyal!

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Yes. I was walking to class in an Aeropostale corduroy jacket. A girl in my year walked by. I said hi to her, and when she noticed we were wearing the same coat, she looked at me in disgust and took hers off (mind you, this was in the dead of winter and she was wearing nothing but a t-shirt on underneath). I shrugged and just kept on walking.

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yes…seeing same dress on someone else is too bad..specially women feel like that.
Every woman want her dress to be unique. She dislike someone having same dress like her. Once she sees same dress on someone she hates her own dress does not matter how much it was her favorite.

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