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What are you most afraid of?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5864points) July 16th, 2011

I am afraid of bugs, cyber bullying, cuts, guns, and oh my gosh, dirty hair. Uuggh! What are you afraid of?

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Vagina Dentata

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Immoral people that have been given power. Simply because they are lucky or born into a wealthy family.
People that lack empathy for others.

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The government.

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Disease. It freaks me the hell out knowing that it’s fully possible that tomorrow I could wake up with symptoms that will turn out to be something terminal, or worse, something chronic that won’t kill me but keep me in pain or severely impaired for the rest of my life.

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Not being able to financially support my family.
Something awful happening to my kids.

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I’m most afraid of any sort of harm coming to my wife, my grown children, my grandchildren, and beyond that, my friends.

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Death Lizards.

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Dying and being homeless lol.

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Losing my mind and dying painfaully

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I can’t think of anything I’m afraid of. Concerned, yes. But afraid… not so much.

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Stupid people. Because of major advancements in technology and medicine, and to some extent, govt social services, I said to some extent ,true natural selection has not been allowed to do its work.

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Myself :-/

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STDs, police, idiots in large groups.

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So I guess a wild orgy with the Keystone Cops is out of the question for you @poisonedantidote ?

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Dentists and oppressive governments.

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Forgetting to water my garden!

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Pantie flogging.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Snap on dentists, those people strike terror in me. I could maybe catch some zzz’s in an unplugged electric chair, but there is no way I could doze off in a dentist chair.

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@poisonedantidote What is a snap on dentist? I went to a dentist a couple years ago and all his assistants were knockouts and really swell. Like they are ready for people to be scared and they take your mind off the drill, the way they sort of lean over your face when getting you ready- good stuff.

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I quite like my dentist… anyways.
I’m most afraid of dying hungry.

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Alzheimer’s, and my loved ones that are in line for it :(

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Losing the man I love

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Not being able to accomplish the goal of improving my life.

Cancer, which I’ll probably die of.

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