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What is the overall atmosphere in your household?

Asked by Facade (22902points) July 16th, 2011

I’m always curious to know how other people live…
Is it noisy with lots of little ones running around? Serene with just you and your dog? Hostile?

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Complete chaos (3 kids)

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Mostly nitrogen, with some oxygen, carbon dioxide, argon, water vapour and trace amounts of various other gases.

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@ragingloli I’m embarrassed to admit I lol’d at this response…

The atmosphere in my house is usually pretty peaceful. There are four kids (at peak times; my sister’s often away and I’ve been away a lot too lately) but we’re all over 16. The only pets we have are three cats and they’re pretty quiet. There hasn’t really been any conflict lately; it’s a place to relax and that’s the way I like it. Sometimes it’s hectic, though, because we do like to entertain and last week we had a large group of friends visiting, but for the most part, it’s pretty relaxed.

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Peaceful – kids are out of th house and my husband and I get along.

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Pretty mellow most of the time.

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Lived in. Kids, pets, but I keep it very tidy. People often tell me that the first time they come into my home they feel like they can kick off their shoes and put their feet on the coffee table, that it’s a very comfortable homey atmosphere.

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Smoov vit a V Baby… Smoov vit a V!

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Quiet and peaceful with music in the air and the room lit by the glare of a computer screen.

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Much like this…. most of the time anyway.

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School of Rock are jamming everyday now and we can blow you away! ;)

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Very quiet. Often with classical music or jazz playing or the ballgame or news or PBS providing a background. Some traffic noise from the street; fire engines some times. Ah, to be retired. I think it’s to prepare you for the great silence. Except, of course, for the angel choirs. I wonder if you can turn them off or on.

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It’s pretty quiet w/the exception of bombs exploding and breaking glass on his tv. Add to that my frequent laughter, our brief talks and my music on youtube and you come up with a peaceful household.

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It used to be chaos, with people talking and lots of noise. Now my children are grown up and they tend to be doing their own things so it’s fairly quiet. We (Husband and I) get told to be quiet by the kids now. Sometimes we put music on really loud and they get cranky with us :D Makes us laugh very loudly that the old farts are pissing off the kids… it isn’t even horrible music! They steal our CDs.

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Pretty relaxed for the most part. It’s rarely chaotic thankfully.

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