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Where am I going to find Christmas decorations this time of year?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21650points) July 16th, 2011

Next week we are celebrating Christmas at the hotel I work in. I need a santa suit and sack, decorations, a tree, and plenty of x-mas songs.

Any suggestions where I can get some other than just asking friends, and be able to have it here by next week. (Deliveries that come from far usually take longer)

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Go to a theater supply store. They rent that stuff.

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Costume stores and Party Time Stores.

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Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth Michigan

This cracks me up.I know this thanks to the Bronner’s billboards I passed again and again in the 1980s along Michigan highways.

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Re-sale or antiques stores always have this stuff for sale! Wait 3 more weeks and Walmarts isles will be flooded with X-mas displays!

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Come to my house. We still have ours up.

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You can download Xmas music on itunes (and I suppose other music sites).

You could get a burlap sack at a feed store or a home improvement store or a hardware store.

You can probably get a Santa suit from a costume store.

And you can get a real pine tree from a nursery.

If you have any thrift stores, you can ask the clerks if they have any Xmas stuff in the back (they stockpile it over the year and only bring it out right before Xmas).

A regular lighting supply store or even a home improvement store like Home Depot might have at least the white “fairy light” style Xmas lights.

You can string multi-colored paper chains out of construction paper and you can string popcorn yourself. You can also get some of those round styrofoam balls and paint them red and green and then hang the from the ceiling (ask the craft store clerks if you can use any type of spray paint, some of them the propellant actually destroys the styrofoam and it melts) but you can put them on a toothpick, stuck into another piece of styrofoam that you use for a base and simply brush paint them, but it will take longer.

You can also wrap “fake presents” in red and green paper with bows if you can’t find any Xmas design paper (just wrap empty boxes to use as decorations).

You can probably find some red, white and green pillar style candles to set around the room. If you can find any evergreen plants such as pine, cypress or even eucalyptus, you can cut off sprigs and boughs and put them in and around the candles. You might be able to find pinecones in bags at a store like Big Lots or Home Depot which you can also disperse in with the candles, or you can hang them from strings like the ball ornaments.

You can also string a bunch of those un-painted styrofoam balls on one string (and then have multiple strings hanging from the ceiling) to look like snowballs falling.

You can also cut out big “snowflakes” out of construction paper and either hang them or tape them to the walls.

If you have any big clear glass bowls you can fill them with tangerines or oranges and cinnamon sticks and sprigs of greenery, to give the room that Xmassy smell.

Thrift stores usually have a good selection of loose Xmas cards that you could punch a hole in the top and then string them up for decortations too.

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Around my area, we have stores that sell only Christmas-themed items and are open all year, you just have to go looking for them. Do some digging on Google and see if you can find similar stores in your area.

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Ask on your local

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PM me and I’ll give you directions for awesome decorations that look like real lace chains all made out of paper

very pretty

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The GoodWill store here was having a Christmas in July sale this month. It was loaded with decorations.
(I know it is a little far for you to travel.)

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I’ve got loads of Christmas stuff in my loft. Ask your friends and see what they can drag down from the high cupboard

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@poisonedantidote Note to self – always read the whole question…sorry, you said you didn’t want to ask friends. but why not? I’d give you my stuff if you lived near!

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