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What is your favorite curse word?

Asked by zaid (216points) April 30th, 2008

This is a question stolen from Inside the Actors Studio. I guess we should only give a couple letters and the rest dashes. So many to choose from by mine: f—k

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heard this around here before . . .

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i agree, ccatron. this question got jacked.

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There’s Kung Fu powers in a guttural “fvck3r!”

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just good old sh*t

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jes*s t*tty f**k*ng chr*st

idk if thats my favorite though.

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I’ve got two faves. The “Deadwood” inspired c@ck sucker, or the blackplotation, motherf$cker. Take your choice. Both rock hard.

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Jiminy Christmas. I’m not joking. That’s my go-to these days, and I have a foul mouth otherwise. Jiminy Freaking Christmas, if I’m really riled up.

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I tend to say all of those, but my favorite is SOB, I need to work on my language before my daughter starts talking. How bad would that be… LOL

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fuck just because the word is so versitile.

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My father’s legacy, passed on to my sons, who didn’t know him:
(with extreme passion): God!... (pause) ...DAMmit!!!!

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I went to Catholic school for 12 years so it feels pretty naughty to me, even ten years later.

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doesn’t this question have the potential to go against the fluther guidelines?

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[ off topic ]

@loser, you mean where the Guidelines state that Fluther can remove posts containing “obscenity”? They follow that with a descriptive ”(R-Rated is okay, just keep it tasteful)”.

Now, I’m sure Fluther isn’t linking to the MPAA explicitly, but for comparison, it does say that an “R-rated motion picture may include adult themes, adult activity, hard language, intense or persistent violence, sexually-oriented nudity, drug abuse or other elements.”

So far, looks like everyone here is legitimately answering the question and are not bustin’ out with vehement, vitriolic, hate-filled personal attacks.

Is it tasteful? Well, that’s opinion… and one the Fluther mods will decide.

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Fuck. There isnt a single fucking sentence i can think of that i cant put that fucking word into in some form or another.

C**t muffin is great too ^_^ half the time it seems like people cant decide to be offended or laughing after i yell that.

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ok, I’m just a loser

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sperm burpin douchebag

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I like the ultra pissed version of F**K- “FAAAAHHHHHHCk”

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You just can’t beat “feck”, “arse” and “shyte”.....any combination of them and with added colourful, descriptive words if you like..

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True, love those as well. I love the [Scottish band] Mogwai T-shirt that reads: “Blur are shyte.”

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hahaha….that’s too cool. The tourist shop in town sells t-shirts with fcek logos (as opposed to fcuk). They’re pretty neat.

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Is ‘fcuk’ pretty big over there?

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yea, probably similar to DKNY….defo a popular high-street shop.

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“Barnacles!” à la Mr. Crabs from Spongebob.

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