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Is there a way to add a link to a webpage (ie. Fluther) to my desktop?

Asked by monsoon (2505points) April 30th, 2008

I tried to “Save As…” to my desktop, but when I open it it retains it’s status of when I saved it. I want a link that will just go to the webpage. On a side note I did just find out that I can create a widget of my “Questions/Comments for you” Box for my dashboard, which is AWESOME. I love my new macbook.

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Highlight the entire URL in the address bar and drag it to your desktop. That will create a link. You can put it in your Dock too.

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Awesome, thanks.

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Did you use Webclips? I made a ‘real’ widget, which also lets you search:

(click download)

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Check out Fluid as well. It allows you to create site-specific web browsers so you can put Fluther in your Dock.

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