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Are you an escalator walker or an escalator rider?

Asked by adrianscott (621points) April 30th, 2008

Even through the stairs are moving for me, I still feel compelled to walk up them. How do you guys take an escalator?

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Depends on how lazy I’m feeling. They are designed to make you walk up the stairs faster. They are not a ride (similar to moving sidewalks in airports. WALK PEOPLE!) Most of the time, I’ll walk up them, occasionally (if I’m super sick or just lazy) I’ll ride it, but I always walk down them.

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Escalator, I can go either way. I prefer to walk ‘em mostly just b/c I like the sensation of moving super-fast.

But moving sidewalks (like at airports), always walk those. Drives me jacktastically crazy when folks get on those and just stand there… especially if they’re blocking the passing lane.

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Wait wait wait, I don’t mean to change the subject here, or clutter the thread, but robmandu: jacktastically? Good Lord that’s funny.

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I run up the fucking things. London taught me that.

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I am defintely an escalator walker. People seem to expect you to walk up and down them anyway these days.

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The only time I stand still on them is if there are too many people blocking my way to get through.

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I find it’s always comical to watch those that powerwalk to the escalator only to ride it the whole way up. Like, what’s the point?

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I remember when I was a teenager, I would walk up the stairs coming down and was able to get up to the next floor pretty quick. My friends and I used to compete who got up faster

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Mostly walk or run, unless I have plenty of time or need to stop to do something while ‘escalating’

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If given the option, I’ll hoof it up the stairs which are sitting beside the escalator un-used.

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Walk in the fast lane. I always go every other step, escalators or stairs.

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