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What's the use or meaning of Slash _ insert word _ Slash e.g /sky/?

Asked by xTheDreamer (897points) July 17th, 2011

I’ve seen some post in forums that goes like e.g /thread so that means end of conversation or end of something if you put another word after the slash.
But there’s this other way also when someone writes /sky/ for example. What does it mean when they put a word between the slashes?

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back in the day of plaintext only media, we’d sometimes use /this/ to mean this (that is, in Italics). Similarly, we used underscores (these things: _ ) surrounding a word to mean “underlined”. But nowadays, most forums (like here on Fluther, for example) allow you to format your text, so such things are not needed.

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It also represents choices in a list (without writing a list) such as the way our economy allows us to have cleaner earth / air / water than we did in the 60s / 70s / 80s.

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It also may be a reference to vi, a unix text editor. When i write s/red/green/ it says instead of red, i meant to write green.

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In HTML, the code behind this and every web page, there are items called tags, and they are paired, with an opening and closing tag. The closing tags include a slash.

This is the body of the page
This is a paragraph

So, sometimes people will use fake tags to indicate the end of something. For example, I will rant and let you know when I am done:

What is wrong with people these days?

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I always figured it was an url thing like for the site address. At least thats what I assumed with 4chan and such that uses the whole /b/ and so on. Cause if you take a look at this question for example there are /‘s around your question in the url ”/whats-the-use-or-meaning-of-slash--insert-word -/”

Edit: disregard all that I didnt read the details, a failure is me :P

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Five answers, five theories. I like this!

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